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Just Guff – The Cellar Bar, Galway

Writer: James Ward Director: Jenny Bassett Reviewer: Tricia O’Beirne Hot Potato Productions presents Just Guff, a political comedy, downstairs in the Cellar Bar as part of the Galway Fringe Festival 2017. The venue is intimate and suits the sitting-room interior setting. The set is simply furnished but certain items inform the audience as to the theme of the play: photos ...

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The Water Orchard – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Eoghan Quinn Director: Dan Colley and Eoghan Quinn Reviewer: Sarah Hoover Collapsing Horse embarks on an exploration of "comedy with sad bits" (Sonya Kelly) in The Water Orchard, bringing projection, puppetry, presentation and above all energy into the surreal story of a family struggling with change. Colley and Quinn have worked hard at their comedy, assisted by a dedicated ...

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GIAF: Dún na mBan Trí Thine/The Fairy Fort is on Fire – An Taibhdhearc, Galway

Scríbhneoir/Writer: Éilis Ní Dhuibhne Stiúrthóirí/Directors: Anne McCabe and Marianne Kennedy Léirmheastóir/Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy Éilis Ní Dhuibhne’s play Dún na mBan Trí Thine/The Fairy Fort is on Fire is a great ambassador for Irish language theatre. Evidently popular with the festival audience, there has been some excitement surrounding this production during the festival. Well-deserved excitement it must be said. It’s ...

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GIAF: Crestfall – Mick Lally Theatre, Galway

Writer: Mark O’Rowe Director: Annabelle Comyn Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy When Druid’s 2017 theatre programme was announced earlier this year, the company’s Artistic Director Garry Hynes stated that “these are provocative plays and we are living in provocative times”. The programme garnered some controversy due to the fact that it was entirely devoid of women writers. Indeed, Mark O’Rowe’s Crestfall ...

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REDPILL – Theatre Upstairs, Dublin

Writer: Liam Hallahan Director: Paul Doran Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster REDPILL is arguably as timely as a piece of contemporary theatre can be, seeking to explain, as it does, one of the most bizarre, dangerous, and popular, online communities. That community is, generally speaking, men who have been “redpilled”, ie have come to understand that the reason they are unsuccessful in relationships ...

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Room – Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Emma Donoghue Music and Lyrics: Cora Bissett and Kathryn Joseph Director: Cora Bissett Reviewer: Sarah Hoover Jack (Taye Kassim Junaid-Evans) is five, and his world is simple. In fact, it’s not a world, it’s a room. The real world, when Ma’s rescue plot brings it crashing in, is huge and fast and there are no easy answers. Jack’s vision ...

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Charlie’s A Clepto – Axis, Dublin

Writer: Claire Monnelly Director: Aaron Monaghan Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster First of all, the spelling mistake: it’s intentional, and forms a key part of this narrative, wherein the eponymous Charlie recounts key aspects of her life that lead her to this day, a sacred 24 hours, where if she can only keep out of trouble, she’ll prove that she’s capable of ...

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The Blue Boy of Glenmore – Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Woman at front with man behind - blue tinted

Writer: Joe Brennan Director: Tony Devlin Reviewer: Colm G Doran Set in the winter of 1978, in the Cooley Mountains, Brassneck Theatre Company present The Blue Boy of Glenmore. It tells the story of a brother and sister living in a claustrophobic farmyard cottage, sniping at one another. Jemmy John (The Blue Boy) played by James Doran, is obsessed with ...

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