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Out of Order – Theatre Royal, Glasgow

Shaun Williamson and Andrew Hall in Out of Order

Writer & Director: Ray Cooney OBE Reviewer: Harriet Brace “Do you think I could go out and come back in again?” The immortal tagline of any bad day is instantly relatable, echoes with resigned frustration – and perfectly sums up Ray Cooney’s theatrical farce Out of Order. The award-winning dramedy follows the misfortunes of junior minister Richard Willey, whose roguish ...

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Out Of Order – Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford

Writer & Director:  Ray Cooney Reviewer: Steve Turner Originally written and performed in 1990 and here updated to include some topical references to Brexit, May, Corbyn and Boris Johnson, Ray Cooney’s farce has lost none of its verve, capacity to surprise, and most importantly its ability to make us laugh. Indeed the laughter from the audience is so loud it ...

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Raising Martha – Park Theatre, London

Writer: David Spicer Director: Michael Fentiman Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Farce, always an underrated theatrical form, is rarely found in new writing, with directors and producers seeming to prefer revivals of the medium. So it is refreshing to see David Spicer's new play, traversing topics from familial guilt to animal rights and the freedoms we will surrender in order those same ...

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Relatively Speaking – Theatre Royal, Bath

Writer: Alan Ayckbourn Director: Robin Herford Reviewer: Harry Mottram  Would a fat, badly dressed, grumpy old man really pull an attractive young woman 30 years younger than him? If he was stylish, well-groomed and sophisticated with pots of money - maybe. But a gone-to-seed Robert Powell playing a boring middle-aged grouch – no. And that is the central problem of ...

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GM Fringe: Millionaires Anonymous – Salford Arts Theatre, Salford

Writer: Stewart McDonald Director: Stewart McDonald Reviewer: Donna Kelly It is often said that money doesn’t buy you happiness and if Stewart McDonald’s new comedy play is anything to go by, the proverb certainly appears to be true. Millionaires Anonymous tells the story of six lottery winners who have lost their money to drink, drugs, sex and booze. Desperate to ...

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Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis – Octagon Theatre, Bolton

Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis

Writer: Charlottte Jones Director: Mark Babych Reviewer: Stephen M Hornby Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis is the story of a Bolton dominatrix turning 50 and reviewing her life. As that might imply, it is a comedy. It took some minutes for the comic chemistry to connect between stage and audience, but once it did, it built steadily throughout the ...

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Mind Your Farce! – Cygnet Theatre, Exeter, Devon

Writer: Georges Feydeau Directors: Alistair Ganley and Stephen Copp Reviewer: Gareth Roberts   The Cygnet Theatre Company’s Mind Your Farce is a set of three different short comedies, each the work of the French playwright Georges Feydeau. In the first, Through the Window, a lawyer left alone for the day is visited by a woman who demands he makes love ...

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Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense – Northcott Theatre, Exeter

Writer: P. G. Wodehouse Adapters: The Goodale Brothers Original Director: Sean Foley Tour Director: David Goodale Reviewer: Lucy Corley There’s plenty of nonsense to be had in this hilarious lark, although it falls a little short of perfect. Perfect Nonsense is adapted from the Jeeves novels and short stories by P. G. Wodehouse, set in 1920s-30s London and featuring loveable ...

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