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To T, or Not to T – Dixon Place, New York

(To T or Not to T) (Dixon Place) (NYC) (c)Ryan Harper Gray

Writer: D’Lo Director: Adelina Anthony Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell In his new solo show -- To T, or Not to T -- actor/writer/comic D’Lo addresses the intersection of multiple aspects of his identity. With razor-sharp wit and impeccable comic timing, he navigates the rocky road of coming out as queer, trans, and not-going-to-be-a-doctor to his Tamil family with a little help from ...

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Maps For A War Tourist – Dixon Place, New York

(Maps for a War Tourist)(Dixon Place)(NYC)

Writers: Jeremy M. Barker, Kathryn Hamilton, Kelsea Martin, Cyrus Moshrefi, Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste Director: Kathryn Hamilton Reviewer: Robert Price Solemn silence greets the arriving audience for Sister Sylvester’s latest production. Treading lightly over the sand-colored butcher paper that blankets the ground of the stage and seating, they only realize after sitting that the distant rumbling they hear is not a recording. ...

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Fred – Dixon Place, New York

(Fred)(On the Rocks Theatre Co)(Dixon Place)(NYC)

Writers: Christopher Ford & Dakota Rose Director:  Dakota Rose Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers On the Rocks Theatre Company’s latest installment at Dixon Place, Fred, is a self-aware, campy trip to the far reaches of the universe. As a sentient robot takes his beloved human companion to a retirement home orbiting Pluto, the audience travels to a surreal, absurd word where pool ...

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Wonder/Through the Looking Glass Houses – Dixon Place, New York

(Alice/Through the Looking Glass Houses) (Dixon Place) (c)Peter Yesley

Choreographer: Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers An exploration of power, identity, form, and gender take shape in a surrealist dance experience at Dixon Place in Arrie Fae Bronson-Davidson’s Wonder/Through the Looking Glass Houses. A linear dance piece based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, the fantastical and surreal world serves as an evocative ...

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Blacktop Highway – Dixon Place, New York City

(Blacktop Highway) (press photo) (Dixon Place) (c)Rafael Hernandez

Writer: John Fleck Director: Randee Trabitz Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Performance artist and actor of NEA Four fame, John Fleck, brings his solo show to Dixon Place from Los Angeles. Blacktop Highway brings the gothic American horror film to the stage with a John Waters-inspired edge. The grotesque and surreal drive the action of this compelling experience. Calling itself out for being ...

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Blossom – Dixon Place, New York

press image - Blossom

Writer: Spencer Lott Director: Spencer Lott Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers There’s something about puppets, particularly puppets that look human. In the hands of a talented puppeteer and before a believing audience, the puppet takes on its own life, and it's the life of Alzheimer’s patient James Blossom that is enthralling audiences at Dixon Place this month. James might be a small ...

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Hyperbolic! (the last spectacle) – Dixon Place, New York

Hyperbolic press photo

Writer: Reginald Ellis Crump Director: Monstah Black &Ashley Brockington Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers The year is 2033. It is August. It is the end of the world. What’s left to do but throw the party to end all parties? Monstah Black’s Hyperbolic! (the last spectacle) is part play, part performative installation art, and entirely captivating. The ensemble cast (Monstah Black, Joey ...

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Now That We’re Men – Dixon Place, New York

Writer/Director: Katie Cappiello Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Imagine being a 16-year-old boy—or is it a 16-year-old man?—in the Internet Age. You and your friends have begun having sexual relationships with the young women in your peer group, but most of what you know about sex comes from your friends, and the pornography that older guys have been showing you since you ...

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