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Tilted Productions, ‘Seasaw’ – Greenwich + Docklands International Festival (@GDIF), London

Reviewer: Anna Pearce [rating:3.5] The bright sunlight and whipping breeze were the perfect setting for Tilted Productions' staging of Seasaw at the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival this weekend. In this 80-minute promenade performance, Maresa Von Stockert's company of seven performers lead their audience from place to place around Canary Wharf, where at each point we come across bodies - ...

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Against Time, Flawless and the English National Ballet – New Wimbledon Theatre, London

Directors: Jenna Lee and Marlon Wallen Reviewer: Lauren Rare [rating:4] Flawless and the English National Ballet seemed like an unlikely combination and it was hard to imagine how the successful street-dancing troupe and the world renowned classical ballerinas could have anything in common. However, these key ingredients in this ambitious project proved to be an electric combination. The show is ...

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Midnight Tango – Liverpool Empire

Director: Karen Bruce Choreographers: Vincent Simone, Flavia Cacace Reviewer: Stephanie Rowe [Rating:4] “Tango born as a social dance – an improvised conversation created in the instant by two people, as a private moment in a crowded space.” This is the introduction to Midnight Tango in the program by Christine Denniston and so we prepare ourselves for a night of sizzling ...

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CHILD’S EYE VIEW: Cirque du Ciel’s ShangHi – The Liverpool Empire

Director: Zhang Wan Reviewer: Phoebe Patrick (age 10) [Rating:3.5] Last night I went to Liverpool with my uncle to see a cirque show, this is a performance using acrobats and gymnasts to entertain instead of animals, it was also in the huge Liverpool Empire and not in a big top as I was expecting. The show uses projections of photographs ...

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Swinging at the Cotton Club – The Lowry, Salford

Music: Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra Dance: The Jiving Lindy Hoppers Reviewer: Hannah Hiett [rating: 3.5] The Lowry's Quays Theatre was filled with silver haired jazz aficionados and white loafered dance fans who remembered a time before dancing was a choice between simulating an epileptic fit or excercising one's powers of the bump n grind... Possibly as a consequence, Swinging ...

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Zoi Dimitriou, “You May!” – The Place, London

Reviewer: Rachel Vogel [rating:4] Observing Zoi Dimitriou’s work You May! seemed like a surreal dream. Haunting and evocative, taunting the dichotomies of possibility and impossibility, Dimitriou uses dance, theatre, photography, sound, and video to create a multidisciplinary piece which asks more questions than it answers. A philosophical and artistic venture, Dimitriou presents her own reflection of contemporary society. In a ...

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