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Cirque du Soleil: OVO – Royal Albert Hall, London

Writer, Director and Choreographer: Deborah Colker Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Cirque du Soleil’s regular residencies at the Royal Albert Hall always guarantee an element of spectacle, with the visual flair that has become their trademark. The company’s latest show, a revival of OVO, which debuted in 2009 and was updated in 2015, visits the UK for the first time this year. ...

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Slava’s Snow Show – Royal Festival Hall, London

one yellow two green clowns with net

Creator: Slava Polunin  Director: Victor Kramer  Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Slava Polunin’s brand of melancholic clowning has become a Royal Festival Hall Christmas tradition. Polunin’s Yellow Clown, with fluffy slippers, oversized yellow onesie and a bulbous red nose, could be a Jim Henson Muppet creation come to life. But for those new to the Slava phenomenon, the opening moments of Slava’s ...

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WireDo – The Lowry, Salford

Writers: Hanna Moisala and Maisy Taylor. Director: Adrian Berry. Reviewer: Sam Lowe. WireDo is an entrancing celebration of the circus art form and what the human body can achieve. The show is split up into two acts. First, Maisy Taylor performs an aerial routine using a corde lisse and a book, which is about being alone and exploring the beauty ...

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Cirque Berserk – Palace Theatre, Manchester

Cirque Biserk

Director: Julius Green Choreographer: Dede McGarrity Reviewer: Katherine Kirwin Cirque Berserk is a repackaging of circus skills for a theatre environment and is breaking out on a UK-wide tour after a successful stint in London. Their show brings together a large cast of over 30 talented artists from across the world to thrill and surprise their audience. The show blends ...

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The Hogwallops – The Black-E, Liverpool

Reviewer: GraceFreret A voiceover introduces us to the dysfunctional family The Hogwallops, who are celebrating (or not as the case really is) the birthday of the elderly and arthritic Grandpa. As plots go – there really isn’t much of a storyline to the production, which relies far more on the skills of the performers than narrative drive – and the ...

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Cirque Berserk – King’s Theatre, Glasgow

cirque berserk glasgow kings theatre

Creative Director: Julius Green Reviewer: Harriet Brace The post-Christmas and New Year blues may still be lingering for many, especially in a grey and drizzly Glasgow City. But all the fun of the fair is certainly in the air… at least while Cirque Berserk is in town. The equipment-strewn set, folksy soundtrack and familiar swish of skirts and scent of ...

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The Elephant In The Room – Underbelly’s Circus Hub, Edinburgh

Director: Jackie Star Reviewer: David Doyle Cirque Le Roux’s noir circus theatre piece is stunning from its opening moments to its gasp-inducing finale. The show follows the inimitable Miss Betty (Lolita Costet) as John Barick (Yannick Thomas) pursues her, while also being courted by Mr. Chance (Philip Rosenberg), who seems as interested in the hapless butler, Bouchon (Gregory Arsenal), as ...

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Circa: Opus – The Lowry, Salford

Director: Yaron Lifschitz Musical Direction: Debussy String Quartet Reviewer: Peter Jacobs   Australian company Circa have been at the forefront of new circus since 2004. Their show Opus is a masterful presentation of highly-skilful and innovative acrobatic circus and gymnastics. There is some aerial work in the form of a lone trapeze, aerial silks and straps and some hooping, but ...

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