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Barbara Nice’s Raffle – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

Reviewer:  John Kennedy Barbara Nice: a comfort-blanket name for the champion of common people. Rather too conveniently compared to Victoria Wood and Mrs Merton, tonight she invites us to up the stakes and take a flutter on Lady Luck. No neon glitz Vegas hedonistic abandon here, mind. This is an alt.adrenaline, no-nonsense raffle that promises tombola Tom-foolery in spades. The ...

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The Winslow Boy – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: Terence Rattigan Director: Rachel Kavanaugh Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Ostensibly based on a true story about a naval cadet accused of stealing a postal order from a friend, The Winslow Boy also looks at the changing world just over a hundred years ago: Britain was living under the threat of a splintering Europe, women were fighting for equality with men, ...

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Elephant – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writer: Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti Director: Lucy Morrison Reviewer: John Kennedy The PR for this première performance quotes from the text promising a family of ‘Real flesh and blood, not out of a catalogue or an Oxo advert.’ As if a further contextual reality-check is needed, one of the family comments that it’s ok to be gay because ‘they’ve got one in Eastenders.’ The Royal ...

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Ahir Shah: Control – The STUDIO, Birmingham REP

Reviewer: John Kennedy There’s been much-impassioned talk of taking back control, to reclaim sovereignty over the endangered institutions that are allegedly the bedrock of British freedom - unless those holding office in those institutions run out of control and their heterodoxies render them ‘Traitors’ and ‘Mutineers’. Clearly, self-control, like the Devil that is currently poking his red-hot pitch-fork into all ...

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Brief Encounter – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: Noël Coward, adapted by Emma Rice Director: Emma Rice Reviewer: Selwyn Knight David Lean’s 1945 film, Brief Encounter, scripted by Nöel Coward, is often towards the top of Best Films of … lists, and deservedly so. The combination of the story of two people trapped in their predictable middle-class lives who glimpse a possible escape caught the imagination of ...

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Penguins – The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Three dancers dressed as penguins step out

Choreographer: Carlos Pons Guerra Director: Paul Bosco McEneany Reviewer: John Kennedy Penguins is based on the true story of two male Chinstrap penguins at Central Park Zoo, New York, who, for gender confusions too complicated to contemplate, attempt to hatch a chick from a lump of rock. Good luck to the infant school teachers explaining that one to their delightful ...

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The Death Show, The DOOR, Birmingham REP

Writers: Antonia Beck and Lucy Nichols Director: Bernadette Russell Reviewer: John Kennedy Time for the Grim Reaper to have a Grin Reaper make-over. A show that aims to explore humanity’s slipping on its own banana-skin of solipsism. It carries well with self-parody in the earlier part of the show - a hers & hearse cortège through the scythe-severing ages of humanity’s inevitable ...

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101 Dalmatians – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

Writer: Debbie Isitt from the book by Dodie Smith Director: Tessa Walker Reviewer: Selwyn Knight Although Dodie Smith was already a successful playwright and novelist, it was probably the Disney adaptation of her 1956 children’s novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians that brought her work to the wider public eye. The story of the evil Cruella de Vil stealing Dalmatian ...

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