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Palmyra – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Creators and performers: Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas Dramaturg: Louise Stephens Reviewer: Stephen Bates It is good news that Palmyra, one of the big hits of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, is seeking out a wider UK audience. The bad news is that the conflict in Syria to which it relates continues to rage no less fiercely. Palmyra, an ancient ...

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Eurohouse – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Creators and performers: Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas Dramaturgs: Jasmine Woodcock-Stewart and Rina Vergano Reviewer: Stephen Bates In the almost two years since Britain’s European Union referendum, the pro-Brexit case has felt off-message in theatre. Seemingly theatre-makers and theatergoers have joined hands in expressing horror at the outcome and there is initial surprise at finding a fluffy piece of light ...

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The Drill – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Writers: Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens Director: Billy Barrett Reviewer: Richard Maguire We often wonder how we would react to an emergency.  Would we still be able to deliver life-saving assistance to someone while bullets rattle above our heads? To truly prepare for such incidents the emergency services practise with the help of elaborate simulations, where people act out the ...

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NEWS: Peterborugh gears up for 3rd Platform8 Festival

Peterborough audiences are gearing up this week for the third season of Platform8, the theatre festival that brings national touring shows to the city. Organised by local theatre company Jumped Up Theatre, in association with Battersea Arts Centre, Platform8 runs across Peterborough from 8 to 12 November, bring four plays, three workshops, a free film and a virtual reality installation ...

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Extravaganza Macabre – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Devisors: Clare Beresford, Dominic Conway, and Alexander Scott Reviewer: Christie-Luke Jones Little Bulb Theatre’s little cast is quite possibly the most unswervingly joyful group of people ever to draw breath. Ever. Beresford, Conway, and Scott shine with the warmth of a 1.21-gigawatt spotlight that dazzles and delights the post-work punters draped contentedly over the beautiful M. C. Escher-like structure of ...

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Dirty Work (The Late Shift) – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Writers: Tim Etchells with Robin Arthur and Cathy Naden Director: Tim Etchells Reviewer: Richard Maguire Forced Entertainment’s newest show Dirty Work (The Late Shift) is full of spectacle; A thousand butterflies are released out of boxes to swirl around the audience, famous assassinations are re-enacted on stage while trapeze artists dazzle and tumble above it. But look again, and you ...

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Rituals for Change – Battersea Arts Centre, London

Performer: Emma Frankland Writer: Emma Frankland Reviewer: Richard Maguire ‘The radical act is to exist’ Emma Frankland proclaims at the start of Rituals for Change, and although this announcement may sound like a tenet of existentialism, Frankland’s life as a trans woman is, indeed, a radical act. This intentionally messy but life-affirming show demonstrates how we can exist on our ...

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Tank – HOME, Manchester

Two men with dark background

Writer: Billy Barrett, Ellice Stevens, Joe Boylan, Craig Hamilton, Victoria Watson Director: Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens Reviewer: Andrea Allen It’s 1965. High-school drop-out Margaret Lovatt journeys across her Caribbean Island hometown and talks her way into a job at a cutting-edge animal research lab. Fast forward a bit and she’s living in a fully-waterproofed house with Peter the dolphin ...

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