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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Endings – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Concept and Text: Tamara Saulwick Song Writer: Paddy Mann Reviewer: David Keane Grief and loss often act as a catalyst for artistic expression but in the case of Endings the impetus for creativity is the moment of life ending itself. A combination of analogue and digital technology mix with dramatic lighting in this docu-theatre performance piece by Tamara Saulwick.  Reel-to-reel ...

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The Led Zeppelin Masters – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewer: John Kennedy Forty-seven years ago this June a windy rain-swept Bath Festival of Blues & Progressive Music Festival played host to a quartet of hirsute sonic savants about to take on the world and its oyster for a stadium stomping, Holiday Inn trashing, shark-infested daughters’ abusing (allegedly) escalator ride to Valhalla and back. On a mission from God, Yardbirds ...

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The Origin of Species… – Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds

...by Means of Natural Selection or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the Face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections: Being a Musical Comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882)​ Writer: John Hinton Reviewer: Holly Spanner Tangram Theatre Company presents The Origin of the Species… which has been hailed as an international smash hit, and it’s easy to see why! Following a sell-out ...

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Little Gem – Civic Theatre, Dublin

Writer and Director: Elaine Murphy Reviewer: Monica Insinga Since its first multi-award-winning production at the 2008 Dublin Fringe Festival, Little Gem by Elaine Murphy has garnered success after success from Dublin to Edinburgh, from Australia to New York. This Breda Cashe production sees Murphy debuting at the helm of her first full-length play, directing two of the original cast members ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Jack Charles V The Crown – Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin

Writers: Jack Charles and John Romeril Director: Rachael Maza Musical Director: Nigel Maclean Reviewer: Sophie Everton Ryan Australian Theatre Company ILBIJERRI brings Jack Charles’ life to its rightful place, the stage. This seventy-five minute performance combines the past and present to showcase Charles’ life from being placed in a boys’ home for his entire youth to his illustrious career as ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy – The Ark, Dublin

Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer Director: Andy Packer Reviewer: Monica Insinga Every year the Family Season of the Dublin Theatre Festival brings us some unexpected gem, and this year is no exception. Among a number of Australian productions, which are part of the international programme of the Festival, the Ark opens its doors to Slingsby Theatre Company’s multi-award winning production of The ...

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TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE: How to Keep an Alien – Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

Sonya Kelly

Writer and Performer: Sonya Kelly Director: Gina Moxley Reviewer: Monica Insinga Opening night of the world premiere of Sonya Kelly’s new autobiographical solo show, How to Keep an Alien, could not have gone any better. Developed under Kelly’s participation in Rough Magic’s ADVANCE programme, the show opened last night to a roaring crowd, that thanks to Kelly’s trademark comedian style, ...

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Bob Downe: Bob, Sweat & Tears – The Famous Spiegeltent, Edinburgh

Writer: Mark Trevorrow Reviewer: Jay Nuttall Bob, Sweat &Tears includes everything you’d expect from an evening with Bob Downe during The Fringe. We are treated to plenty of polyester, campy pop songs, cheesy grins and naughty jokes – but there’s something waiting for us that we never saw coming. Bob has a revelation – he’s actually been living a lie ...

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