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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Endings – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Concept and Text: Tamara Saulwick Song Writer: Paddy Mann Reviewer: David Keane Grief and loss often act as a catalyst for artistic expression but in the case of Endings the impetus for creativity is the moment of life ending itself. A combination of analogue and digital technology mix with dramatic lighting in this docu-theatre performance piece by Tamara Saulwick.  Reel-to-reel ...

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BOOK REVIEW: Drawn to the Globe

Author: Chris Duggan Publisher: Ancon Hill Publishing Reviewer: John Roberts Published to coincide with The Globe’s 20th year of performance and of course in the 400th year of Shakespeare Drawn to the Globe is a little gem of a book for any lover of theatre and indeed Shakespeare. Artist Chris Duggan has over the past 20 years stood through all ...

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PREVIEW: WEEK 53 At The Lowry, Salford

Week 53 Festival at The Lowry

By Jim Gillespie It could be Christmas. Four weeks after Easter and the hills around Manchester are white with snow. And there is something - apart from snow - in the air: the Lord of Misrule has taken control of The Lowry. How else to explain this step - nay, somersault - out of its comfort zone as a receiving ...

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The Art of The Brick – The Old Truman Brewery, London

Artist: Nathan Sawaya Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Is it art, that is what a lot of critics will be asking of Nathan Sawaya’s Lego sculptures that take in a broad range of influences from classic artists to dinosaurs, is it art? So, let’s be clear about this from the beginning, yes it is. If an artist creates something that provokes ...

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The Life and Loves of a Nobody – Studio Theatre, Sheffield

Writers: Rachael Walton and Chris Thorpe Director: Rachael Walton Co-Director: Alexander Kelly Reviewer: Fiona Hannon The Life and Loves of a Nobody is exactly as the title suggests, the story of an unremarkable woman. Rachael (the “nobody” in question) is 36 and grew up on the 18th floor of a tower block, eating carefully balanced popcorn, gazing at the stars ...

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The Arrest of Ai Weiwei – Hampstead Theatre, London

Writer: Howard Brenton Director: James Macdonald Reviewer: Georgina Newman [rating:4] 'Who did you kill?' So says a member of the Beijing Police Murder Squad to the recently detained conceptual artist Ai Weiwei. The interrogators appear just as confused as Weiwei to why he has been seized by the Chinese state authorities at Beijing airport. This is Howard Brenton's latest play, ...

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NEWS: Truth About Youth Festival, Royal Exchange Manchester

For the last two weeks of July, the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester will be overrun with youths. Thankfully, it won’t be a repeat of last year’s riots, but a celebration of local teenagers through a programme of theatre, music, art, film and all sorts of wonderful things. The aim of thefestival is to challenge negative perceptions of young people. ...

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