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Rocky: A Horror Story – Wardrobe Theatre

Devisors: The Company Director: Tom Brennan Reviewer: Kris Hallett Picture the scene, you're settling back to enjoy the trailers before the main feature at the multiplex and the screen goes blank and the reassuring deep boom of the American link man begins ''From the people who brought you Home Alonely, Muppits Die Hard and Goldilock, Stock and Three Smoking Bears comes ...

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The Snow Queen – Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre

Writer: Llinos Mai Director: Jon Dafydd-Kidd Reviewer: Beth Steer An adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s famous Christmas story, The Snow Queen, Hijinx Odyssey's production brings the classic tale to life in a new way. The spirit of Odyssey – an inclusive community group for adults with and without learning disabilities who share a passion for performance – shines through the ...

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Rambert: A Linha Curva & Other Works – Theatre Royal Plymouth

Choreographers: Kim Brandstrup, Malgorzata Dzierzon, Itzik Galili Reviewer: Helen Tope Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, Rambert may be Britain’s oldest dance company, but it continues to push boundaries. Challenging our preconceptions of contemporary dance, Rambert brings a triple bill of new and established work to Plymouth. A Linha Curva made its debut in 2009, and is so well established ...

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Living With The Lights On – The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter

Mark Lockyer - Living With The Lights On

Writer and Performer: Mark Lockyer Director: Ramin Gray Reviewer: Charlie Hackett Mark Lockyer's deeply personal and fascinating one-man show, Living With The Lights On, explores his experiences and struggles with his own mental health. All set for a glittering career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, his personal and professional life is quickly thrown into turmoil when he becomes extremely ill. Such ...

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Relatively Speaking – Theatre Royal, Bath

Writer: Alan Ayckbourn Director: Robin Herford Reviewer: Harry Mottram  Would a fat, badly dressed, grumpy old man really pull an attractive young woman 30 years younger than him? If he was stylish, well-groomed and sophisticated with pots of money - maybe. But a gone-to-seed Robert Powell playing a boring middle-aged grouch – no. And that is the central problem of ...

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Million Dollar Quartet – The Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol

Image by Darren Bell

Writer: Colin Escott Co-Writer: Floyd Mutrux Director: Ian Talbot Reviewer: Chris Oldham The so-called jukebox musical is a tricky one. Sometimes trying to fit a band or artist's back-catalogue into some kind of story that makes sense can feel more than a little forced. Setting the whole thing in a recording studio is certainly one way of solving that problem, ...

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Broken Biscuits – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Writer: Tom Well Director: James Grieve Reviewer: Kris Hallett For Ben, Holly and Megan, their GCSE exams are behind them and a long summer of preparing to enter the 'cool' world of college awaits. It's an opportunity to blow away past convention, to raise their social standings from geeky outsider to the hip in-crowd. Megan has a plan, to form ...

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The Odyssey – Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Writer/Director: Nir Paldi Writer/Performer: George Mann Reviewer: Kris Hallett A person walks across a space and another watches. This in essence, with a doff of a cap to Peter Brook, is theatre. The art-form has always encompassed a massive compendium of parts, for every big mass marketed spectacle, your Wickeds or Disney factory tent poles, you have works like this, ...

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