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The Fabulous Bacon Boys – Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol

Creators: Stu Mcloughlin and Howard Coggins Reviewer: Chris Oldham Following its 2015 Christmas show The Light Princess, the Tobacco Factory Theatre's latest fairytale offering comes in the form of Living Spit's modern take on The Three Little Pigs. The three Bacon brothers (grown men, not pigs) work in construction, each deciding to build their own house in a field on ...

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Blavatsky’s Tower – Volcano Theatre, Swansea

Writer: Moira Buffini Director: Peter Scott Reviewer:Jaclyn Martin   Everyone thinks their families are normal, relatively speaking. Sometimes the only way to see things clearly is to see it through the eyes of someone else. The arrival of a doctor into the lives of the Blavatsky family shake up the world they have always known; A world contained entirely in ...

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Goodnight, Mister Tom – New Theatre, Cardiff

Patrick Troughton in Goodnight Mr Tom

Writer: Michelle Magorian Stage Adaptation: David Wood Director: Angus Jackson Reviewer: Megan Pearce Goodnight Mister Tom is fast becoming a Great British classic. The story; originally adapted from a book, became a BAFTA award-winning TV filmand is now an enthralling and emotional theatre tour. Set in 1939, Britain is on the brink of war with Germany, and lots of ‘towny’ ...

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A Sunny Disposition -The Other Room, Porter’s, Cardiff

Writer &Director: Nicola Reynolds Reviewer: Jacqui Onions A Sunny Disposition is a powerful and emotional story of one man's battle with addiction. Meet Charlie (played by Neal McWilliams). He is a person that you will know. His background, his personality, the reasons he does the things he does are very easy to relate to and you will know someone just ...

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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – Plymouth Theatre Royal

Book: Stephan Elliott and Allan Scott Director: Simon Phillips Reviewer: Karen Bussell CULT camper alert. Priscilla is back in town! Where else would dangling divas, feathers, fun and general flamboyance elicit a standing ovation, tears and much laughter if not on the outrageous Outback expedition? Darren Day lives upto expectations as Tick - most charismatic and with a great voice. ...

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The Truth – Theatre Royal, Bath

Writer: Florian Zeller Translator: Christopher Hampton Director: Lindsay Posner Reviewer: Claire Hayes Florian Zeller’s writing has become a phenomenon of the British stage over the last 18 months, with both The Father and its companion play The Mother being showcased in acclaimed translations by Christopher Hampton. But is his explosive brand of theatrical disorientation a simple flash in the pan, ...

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Crash – Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Writer: Andy Duffy Director: Emma Callander Reviewer: Jaclyn Martin   August 23 2007 - the date that marks the moment the main character’s life starts crashing around him. It’s the date he crashes the car in an accident that kills his wife. Not long after that, the financial market begins to crash too, with big implications for his career as ...

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Jonny and the Baptists: The End Is Nigh – Bike Shed, Exeter

Jonny Donahoe and Paddy Gervase

Creators: Jonny and the Baptists Reviewer: Christy Ku Ranting about how climate change will end the world, Jonny accidentally made his four-year-old niece cry. In an effort to comfort her, he promised that he and his friend Paddy would fix it, resulting in The End is Nigh. This show follows their previous successful national tours Stop UKIP and Rock the ...

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