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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Director : James Tobias, with Amy Gunn Reviewer: Michael Gray In a lifetime of Dreams, some stand out, subtitled like episodes of Friends. The one with the pyjamas, the one set in World War II, the one evoking Hollywood's early years, the (operatic) one in an austere boys' school, the one lasting a bare twenty minutes … This one is ...

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Two And Two Make Sex – Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch

Author : Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon Director : Matt Devitt Reviewer: Michael Gray We're back in the Seventies – matador poster, inflatable chair, downlighters and eye-watering wallpaper. Harold Wilson in Westminster, Rodney Marsh at Wembley.And how titillating this title seemed back then – hinting at swingers, free love and the permissive society. In fact, of course, there's no sex ...

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This May Hurt A Bit – Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Writer: Stella Feehily Director: Max Stafford-Clark Reviewer: Glen Pearce Now 65 years old, the NHS should settling down and become a grand old lady of state, mature and an institution at the heart of society. Instead she’s constantly reinventing herself more times than Madonna. In Stella Feehily’s This May Hurt A Bit, the NHS is more than an institution, it’s ...

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Boeing Boeing – Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Author : Marc Camoletti, adapted by Beverley Cross and Francis Evans Director : Patric Kearns Reviewer: Michael Gray The sophisticated red and grey décor (credited to The World Awake) has a skylight, a lovely poster for Dr No, and, since this is boulevard farce, seven doors leading to bedrooms, guestrooms, bathroom, hallway and kitchen. Conveniently situated near the airport, it's ...

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Refugee Boy – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Benjamin Zephaniah Adaptor: Lemn Sissay Director: Gail McIntyre Reviewer: Glen Pearce A stranger in a strange land – for young Alem a place to call home is difficult to define. The 14 year old Ethiopian – Eritrean has fled his native land, an outcast in either nation. Arriving in the UK he needs to find his way through the ...

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Pygmalion – Arts Theatre, Cambridge

Writer: George Bernard Shaw Director: David Grindley Reviewer: Jack Trott To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Bernard Shaw’s, Pygmalion, Theatre Royal Bath Productions have revived this enduring classic with a star-studded and talented cast and taken it on a national tour of the UK. Using established and well-known actors is, perhaps, needed to attract audiences as ...

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Classic Ghosts – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writers: M.R.James and Charles Dickens Adaptors: Frances Evelyn and Margaret May Hobbs Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Glen Pearce Theatre history is littered with the corpses of stage thrillers that have failed to chill their intended audience. For every long runner such as The Woman In Black there are a multitude of supposed fright-fests that turn out to be more of ...

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Tunnels – Junction, Cambridge

Writers: Lucy Garland and Amber Onat Gregory Music: Al Watts Reviewer: Glen Pearce Theatre has the power to move, to provoke, to challenge a belief or just entertain. Despite those powerful characteristics, theatre only rarely involves all our senses. Not so Frozen Light’s Tunnels, a show that utilises light, sound, smell and touch to create a totally immersive world. Designed ...

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