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Company Tickets starring Patti Lupone

LATITUDE 2015: Avocado

Artist(s):Rebecca Grant Writer: Eve Ensler Director: Mark Rosenblatt Venue: Poetry Tent Reviewer: Glen Pearce In the brightly lit surroundings of Latitude's poetry tent, compare Luke Wright issues a disclaimer. Not only is the next piece dark in tone, it has previously been performed in near darkness. Latitude festival goers are nothing if not inventive, though, and the bright sunlight and ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Doug Segal

Artist(s):Doug Segal Venue: Cabaret Tent Reviewer: Glen Pearce A background in advertising and psychology may seem to be a strange onefor a career on stage, but Doug Segal uses skills gained in both to impressive effect in this exploration into the power of mind reading. Unlike many performers, Segal promises to teach us the secrets of mind reading. It's only ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Chortle Student Comedy Awards

Artist(s) Phil Wang, Joe Bowley, Daniel Elliott Venue: Comedy Tent Reviewer: Glen Pearce There is a rumour that students don't venture out of bed before lunchtime but a packed comedy tent at Latitude shows that, given the right draw, there's reasons to venture out of the tent. Comedy is, of course a highly competitive game but the opportunity so offered ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Back Down – Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Writer:Steven Camden Venue: The Little House Reviewer: Nicole Evans Luke, Zia and Tommy are best mates. With Luke getting ready to head off to university with his girlfriend, the trio decides to plan a 'last hoorah' camping trip to the glorious Snowdonia - to climb a mountain. With the concept of the trip being far more glamorous in mind that ...

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LATITUDE 2015 – Stand

Artist(s): Chris Goode and Company Venue:Theatre Tent Devised and directed by: Chris Goode Reviewer: Kris Hallett Chris Goode’s Stand provides a quiet revolution on the first Friday morning of the Latitude festival. Six actors; three male, three female; sit on high backed chairs, their scripts balanced in front of them like musical scores. They have stories to tell about activism, ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Beauty Of The Beast

Artist(s): Company Chameleon Choreographer: Anthony Missen Venue: The Waterfront Stage Reviewer: Nicole Evans Beauty Of The Beast is a new full-length work by Company Chameleon that aims to peel back and explore the many faces of man and male group dynamics. Covering common emotional ground such as strength, violence, camaraderie and vulnerability, it attempts to present each subject matter both ...

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LATITUDE 2015: The Elephant And The Dog

Artist(s): Cuckoo Theatre Stage: The Little House Reviewer: Nicole Evans It is slightly disconcerting to arrive at The Little House at Latitude nine minutes prior to its Fridayopening show to see the production team still assembling the doorway. We are miraculously let in on time and most fears are alleviated by a seemingly complete, albeit simple, set consisting of a ...

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Dead Simple – The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Writer: Peter James Adaptor: Shaun McKenna Director: Ian Talbot Reviewer: Tim Frost   No decent detective shows on TV tonight? Then why not swap the sofa for a fold-down seat and head to the theatre to watch one live with hundreds of other murder mystery lovers. Peter James’ novels have sold 15 million copies worldwide, and his series of DS ...

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