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PULSE FESTIVAL: Easy For You To Say – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Divisors and performers: Rowan James and Marv Radio Director: Daniel Pitt We all wear labels, if we are aware of them or not. For performance poet Rowan James, labels have followed his life. He may be labeled disabled by some for having dyspraxia, or clumsy child syndrome as he puts it, but the label he chooses for himself is that ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Hurtling – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer and Director: Greg Wohead   Theatre is often about the shared experience but what really is a shared experience? We talk about the power of the 'live' performance but what does live actually mean? These are just two of the aspects explored in Greg Wohead's one-on-one performance of Hurtling. It's difficult to give to many details as part of ...

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Every Brilliant Thing – The Marlowe Studio, Canterbury

Writer: Duncan Macmillan with Jonny Donahoe Director: George Perrin Reviewer: Victoria Bawtree   Say the premise out loud: ‘a one-man show about depression’ and it’s understandable that some may want to give it a wide berth. Put simply, nothing should put anyone off seeing this production. It is a little gem of intimate theatre which lifts the spirit through laughter ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Hiraeth – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

  Writers: Buddug James Jones and Max Macintosh Director: Jesse Briton Composers: Max Macintosh and David Grubb Reviewer: Paul Couch   There's a lot of truth in the Buddug James Jones Collective's Pulse 2015 entry, and this reviewer speaks from personal experience. To some Welsh people, the far-flung cities of England might as well be on another planet rather than ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Ramps On The Moon: Is It Possible?

Major social movements often begin in the most unlikely of places but, in Ipswich, there’s a hint of revolution in the air. A former art gallery on Ipswich High Street on a thundery Friday morning may seem an unlikely venue to seed change, but then again the New Wolsey Theatre has never been afraid to challenge the status quo. The ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: The Ted Bundy Project – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Writer and Performer: Greg Wohead Reviewer: Glen Pearce   There are those who say theatre shouldn’t challenge. Greg Wohead’s The Ted Bundy Project is certainly in the challenging camp and possibly one of the most darkly disturbing pieces you will see in a theatre. It may leave you with nightmares, and will certainly remain in your head for a long ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: A Journey Round My Skull – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer: Nick Walker and Olivia Winteringham Director: Graeme Rose Reviewer: Glen Pearce   We often talk about theatre getting inside our head. Kiln’s A Journey Round My Skull takes that one step further, firstly giving us a guided tour of how the brain works and then taking us on an immersive journey inside our skull. We are in a psychiatrist's ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL: Glorilla – New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich

Devisers: Susie Donkin, Pauline Morel, Angus Barr and Rina Vergano Director: Angus Barr Reviewer: Glen Pearce   Ever get the feeling that some celebrity goodwill charity visits to far-flung places are actually more of an attempt to boost their public profile than any actual good deed? It’s certainly a notion that crosses the mind after an hour spent with ‘acclaimed’ ...

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