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According to His Need – C Nova, Edinburgh

Writer: Oliver Eagleton Director: Nora Kelly Lester Reviewer: Deborah Klayman “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. This phrase, made popular by Marx, offers a fitting title for this one-act play about two characters in conflict due to their romantic and political needs. Penned by emerging playwright Oliver Eagleton and directed by Nora Kelly Lester, ...

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Pirate Gran – Underbelly Bristo Square, Edinburgh

Writer: Geraldine Durrant &Rose Forshall Adaptor: Scamp Theatre Director: Pieter Lawman Reviewer: Deborah Klayman When it comes to children’s theatre at the Fringe, taking a gamble can be both expensive and fraught with danger. Will the little ones cry, wander off or (cringe) distract everyone else in the theatre? Fortunately, renowned Scamp Theatre take the uncertainty out of your theatrical ...

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Pete Firman: Trickster – The Pleasance, Edinburgh

Reviewer: John Roberts Middlesborogh’s very own self-deprecating magic man Pete Firman returns to the fringe for the eight consecutive year with Trickster another show blending his razor sharp and slightly eccentric personality with some magic tomfoolery. Firman is a true showman, his cheeky melodic smoggy patter fits perfectly with his mischievous grin and the foreboding glint of a closeted psychopath ...

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The Trial of Jane Fonda – The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Writer: Terry Jastrow Director: Terry Jastrow Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys It was one of the most controversial photographs of the Vietnam War, a laughing Jane Fonda astride an anti-aircraft gun surrounded by North Vietnamese troops, an image which, four decades later still provokes a vehement reaction from US veterans. Screen-writer Terry Jastrow’s new playThe Trial of Jane Fonda, aims to present ...

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An American’s Guide to Being Like, Totally British – George Next Door, Edinburgh

Writer: Alexis Weironiey Reviewer: Mark McCulloch An American’s Guide to Being Like Totally Britishis the comedic real-life story of Alexis Weironiey’s journey towards British citizenship. The bubbly, charismatic host guides her audience on an hour long show full of witty tales, life experiences and comparisons between British and American culture. Weironiey begins her tale with what annoys her most: being ...

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Huff -Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Creators: Shona Reppe &Andy Manley Reviewer: John Roberts Shona Reppe and Andy Manley have between themselves created some of the strongest, touching and most visceral children's productions in recent years, and despite Huff being more of an interactive art installation than theatrical performance you can't help but be 'blown away' by the attention to detail in putting you into the ...

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Riptide: The Slasher Musical – Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Music: Simon Nathan Lyrics: Mark Nathan Book: Chazz Redhead Reviewer: Danielle Shields You either love them or you hate them: horror movies. This genre, which actually managed to scare audiences in the past, has resorted to barely creepy slasher spoofs. As expected by its title,Riptide: The Slasher Musical, pokes fun repetitively at this gimmick. Brothers Simon and Mark Nathan have ...

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