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Vikki Stone: Instrumental – Underbelly Big Belly, Edinburgh

Reviewer: John Roberts The first lesson to be had when it comes to Vikki Stone is never make a bet with her, otherwise she will have you dressed like a dog and pushing her and Elton John around on a makeshift helicopter around the venue... Yes it did happen and yes there is a lot of photographic evidence floating around ...

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Biding Time (Remix) – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Writers: Louise Quinn, Bal Cooke, Ben Harrison, Pippa Bailey Director: Ben Harrison Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Devised in response to Pippa Bailey’s global shared story project Biding Time,Biding Time (Remix)is a theatrical concept album that examines the realities of the cutthroat music industry and the expectations on women within it. Certainly stylish, and saturated with surreal sensibility, Louise Quinn portrays a ...

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Lippy – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Bush Moukarzel with Mark O’Halloran Director: Ben Kidd Reviewer: John Roberts Bush Moukarzel has been challenging perceptions on theatre and it’s delivery for many years and it wasn’t until the arrival of Lippy at the Dublin Fringe last year that he truly found a piece that would not only push what audiences are watching but also ask some pivotal ...

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Endgame – Paradise in the Vault, Edinburgh

Writer: Samuel Beckett Director: Blind Elephant Reviewer: Joanna Trainor Blind Elephant's production of Endgame is nightmare-ish, claustrophobic and draining; Beckett how if should be. After an apocalypse, blind Hamm, his lame man-servant Clov and bin inhabiting parents are trapped in a repetitive cycle of nothingness. Each day so much the same, that everyone is begging for an ending rather than ...

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Red Tap/Blue Tiger – Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

Writer: Richard Vincent Director: Elliot Brown Reviewer: Deborah Klayman When Norton finds out the man that raised him is not his biological father, it starts a chain reaction of escalating violence that leaves him desperate, damaged, and on the run. With pregnant girlfriend Mina and over-protective best mate Dean in tow, maybe his real dad will have the answers he ...

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Alice – theSpace on North Bridge, Edinburgh

Writer: Toby Clarke Director: Ailin Conant Reviewer: Anna Ambelez Alice is based on Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Carroll strove to entertain as well as educate, known for his word play, logic and fantasy, so fine ingredients for a production. Outside, the parameters are set by the ‘Dean’ (Adam Trussell) of the college, stressing how one must be ...

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Ennio Marchetto: The Living Paper Cartoon – The Pleasance

Writer: Creator and Director: Ennio Marchetto Reviewer: John Roberts It’s ten years ago since Italian Ennio Marchetto brought his paper-crafting comedy routine to the fringe, however that hasn’t stopped him from pulling in a crowd who enjoys his every move wiggle and reveal. The Living Paper Cartoon is a hybrid between fast change illusions and lip-sync cabaret. Marchetto mimes along ...

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Brazouka – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer: Pamela Stephenson-Connolly Director: Arlene Phillips Producer: Harley Medcalf Reviewer: Marina Spark Brazoukais the new Brazilian dance craze hitting Edinburgh's stage at the Festival Fringe. Pamela Stephenson-Connolly has made it her mission over the past few years to introduce the emerging and already very popular styles of lambazouk, samba de gaffiera, sambe nu fe and forro to the mainstream market. ...

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