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Kingmaker – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Writers: Robert Khan &Tom Salinksky Director: Hannah Eidnow Reviewer: Joanna Trainor "A teddy bear mixed with a serial killer." Last week we learnt that Boris Johnson wants to stand as an MP, a helpful marketing tool for Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky's new play Kingmaker. This one hour piece intelligently questions how detrimental it would be to have a bumbling ...

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Spine – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer: Clara Brennan Director: Bethany Pitts Reviewer: Deborah Klayman Teenaged Amy has a story to tell, and she is taking no prisoners. Feisty, frenetic and fit to burst her text explodes out of her as soon as the lights come up, as she prowls the book-stack set talking directly to the audience as if they are old friends. Young actress ...

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The Complete History of Comedy (abridged) – Pleasance One, Edinburgh

Writer/Director: Reed Martin &Austin Tichenor Reviewer: John Roberts The self-professed bad boys of abridgement are back at the Fringe after a decade with their latest showThe Complete History of Comedy (abridged), a 75 minute show deconstructing the art form of comedy. It's ironic that a show which aims to look at the art form of comedy falls down on delivering ...

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Lear’s Daughters – C Nova, Edinburgh

Director: Isabelle Kettle Reviewer: Jon Wainwright Christmas in Lear's pagan household has been celebrated with the usual carnage: the table is strewn with wine bottles and glasses, and the three daughters are slumped, playing cards. The Fool sings (Sophie Grant is the vocalist, wearing a nurse's uniform) and pushes an empty wheelchair. Goneril (Charlotte Quinney) gets a grip on the ...

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Jim Davidson: No Further Action – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer: Jim Davidson Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald With a reputation as one of Britain's most controversial comedians, Jim Davidson's appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was bound to cause a stir. Some say any press is good press, but Davidson deserves more. After a damp wait outside the aptly named Rainy Hall, Jim Davidson's audience are led up through a staircase ...

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Fearnot Wood – Just the Tonic at the Mash House, Edinburgh

Director and Writer: Rob Thomson Reviewer: Danielle Shields The Fringe for many reasons is a strange experience. Usually when you go to the theatre you are already expecting a good performance so the thought in the back of your mind sounds something like: ‘Gosh I hope this ends well’. When you see a Fringe show however your ratings are more ...

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The Pianist – Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Marina Spark Head down to Assembly Roxy this Edinburgh Festival Fringe if you fancy seeing some top notch clowning and physical comedy.The Pianist, created by Thomas Monckton in collaboration with Circo Aereo, follows a hilariously hapless, accident prone pianist as he tries to begin his concert. In true clowning style nothing is ever achieved and Monckton delivers comic genius ...

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The Player’s Advice to Shakespeare – C Too, Edinburgh

Writer: Brian K. Stewart Director: John Koensgen Reviewer: Jon Wainwright David Warburton gives a tremendous solo performance as an unnamed actor in Shakespeare's company, with only a carrot, a table and a joint-stool as props. Naturally, he begins with Hamlet's advice to the players, to "not saw the air too much" and to temper the "whirlwind of passion" with a ...

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