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Janice Joplin: Full Tilt – Assembly Checkpoint, Edinburgh

Writer: Peter Arnott Director: Cora Bissett Reviewer: John Roberts Jukebox musicals have almost become enshrined in musical theatre tradition now, most shows in the west end and touring feature the back catalogue of several artists and are usually also coupled with anodyne and poorly written plots however with Full Tilt, we are safe from the bohemians of We Will Rock ...

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Rob Deering: Musicface – Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Reviewer: John Roberts The loop pedals are back and the man behind them is wearing his cheesiest grin ever. Rob Deering is looking in fine form, in fact it appears he has taken an elixir of youth and with it his new show Musicface seems to be taking on a much more lighthearted approach than previous shows and it works ...

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L’enfant Qui… – Institut francais d’Ecosse, Edinburgh

Director: Patrick Masset Reviewer: Marina Spark Belgian company T1J are nestled in a domed tent outside the Institut francais d'Ecosse. Entering the tent through hanging ribbons sets the scene well forL'enfant Qui…a show which asks the audience to enter the dream like state that the protagonist is in. Inspired by the early life of sculptor Jephan Villiers, which was plagued ...

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Winter of Our Discotheque – Paradise in The Vault, Edinburgh

Writer and Director: Tess Humphrey Reviewer: Danielle Shields It’s impossible to pretend that we are not all slightly interested in the blissful world of public school children. They are permitted to squander daddy’s cash at will while having the best education possible to secure a respectable job so that the rich cycle can continue. Tess Humphrey’s original playWinter of Our ...

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Hiraeth – Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Writer and Director: Buddug James Jones Reviewer: Danielle Shields “You’re either a rock or a river,” the sweet woman informs us before contemplating the symbolism between tradition and adventure. This eloquent introductory line deflates our lungs with a sigh in the awareness thatHiraethwill be one show we are sure to enjoy. If there ever was a perfect duo to make ...

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Jonny Lennard: Tale Blazer – Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

Reviewer:Lucy Danser It has to be said that there’s a lot of potential in Jonny Lennard’s show. There’s a solid narrative structure; that of babysitting his hipster niece interspersed with extracts from existing children’s literature and his own creations as he desperately tries to get her off to sleep. The latter provide the strongest parts of the show by way ...

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Pierre Novellie is Mighty Peter – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Reviewer:Lucy Danser Pierre Novellie is a blooming delight! He’s the kind of comedian who immediately puts a smile on your face and ensures it stays there for the entirety of his show. His persona is so enthusiastic and affable you can’t help but like him and his audience interaction, though not a hefty part of his show, is consistently quick ...

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Paul McCaffrey – Assembly Box, Edinburgh

Reviewer: John Roberts Star of BBC Three's Impractical Jokers, the cheeky chap of comedy Paul McCaffrey lays down the ultimate bombshell... He's not as young as he appears, having recently turned 40, his hour long set in the glammed up portacabin outside George Square Theatre focuses on his escapades since becoming married. McCaffrey's set doesn't feel as fully formed or ...

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