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Ballistic – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

man kneeling wearing red bobble hat

Director: Anna Marsland Writer: Alex Packer Reviewer: James Napleton Ballistic tells the story of Elliot Rodger and despite the tragic events surrounding the 22-year-old mass murderer it reveals a funny, touching and intimate story. The show is based on the killer's ‘manifesto’, an autobiographical document emailed to family members and friends before the killings. Built around this impulse for autobiography ...

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Palmyra – Summerhall, Edinburgh

men dancing

Reviewer: David Doyle Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand Lesca have returned to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe following the success of Eurohouse last year. That production explored the making and unmaking of the European Union in the wake of austerity and the fracturing of the European project. This year their performance is no less ambitious as they turn their attention to the ...

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Penthouse – The Space on Niddry Street, Edinburgh

stockinged womans leg on bed noose hanging from ceiling

Writer: Ed Brody Director: Kate Williams and Chris White Reviewer:  Tom Ralphs In the penthouse of a hotel a young banker plans to end his life after losing £1.8 billion in illegal trades. Before he does, he is going to have the ultimate blowout. It’s a good premise, but, sadly, his definition of ultimate blowout shows a lack of imagination that ...

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NEWS: Edinburgh International Festival opens with Bloom

st andrew sqaure edinburgh lightshow

By JOHN KENNEDY The majestic central column in St.Andrew's Square lent a magnificent viewpoint for the venerable, dynastic godfather of 19th Century civil engineering, Robert Stevenson, grandfather of Robert Louis. Tonight it was very much "Beam me up, Scottie". They were the Edinburgh lighthouse family who shone a beam of guiding global vision. Skipping the laser light fantastic, Standard Life's ...

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Penetrator – C Cubed, Edinburgh

naked man holding teddy bear in front of genitals

Writer: Anthony Neilson Director: Julia Midtgard Reviewer:  Tom Ralphs Fear No Colours production of Anthony Neilson’s 1993 play opens with a voiceover of a porn magazine story as Max reads it and masturbates. When he finishes and his flat mate Alan returns, he has to, quickly and awkwardly, hide the magazine. It sounds like a bleak reconstruction of Men Behaving Badly, ...

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FIVE FAST FRINGE QUESTIONS with Thomas Eccleshare, writer of Heather

woman holding book in front of face

Thomas Eccleshare, writer of Heather answers our Five Fast Fringe Questions. In one sentence tell us about your show. Heather is a short, sharp shock of a play that asks fascinating questions about storytelling, prejudice and authorship in bold and surprising ways. What made you decide to bring a show this year? Basically, we want lots of people to see ...

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FIVE FAST FRINGE QUESTIONS with Louise Orwin on A Girl and a Gun

girl lying on floor with gun in hand

Louise Orwin answers our Five Fast Fringe Questions on A Girl and a Gun In one sentence tell us about your show. A Girl and A Gun examines how cinema views violence and women, and asks us how far we are complicit when we watch… plus it features girls, guns and an unprepared male performer every night… what more could you ...

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two men gesticulating wildly

Next up in our annual series of Fringe preview Q & A's it's the turn of Sleeping Trees In one sentence tell us about your show. It's three fast paced live action films based on different genres presented with just the three of us and our one man band Ben. What made you decide to bring a show this year? ...

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