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Founded in 2001, Ipswich’s Pulse Festival offers audiences the chance to see the best of new theatre and performance. From brand new workto the annual Suitcase Prize encouraging environmental touring, Pulse has become one of the UK’s most important showcases for new and emerging talent.

FEATURE: Close run thing for Pulse 2016 Suitcase Day winner

By PAUL COUCH It’s a fantastic idea – an arena to try embryonic work in a safe environment in front of an audience. The premise is that you get 20 minutes to try out new work – some barely started, some almost complete. If the panel of judges feel that the work has potential to be developed further, they can ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: The Pretend Men – Police Cops

Devisors: Zachary Hunt, Nathan Parkinson, Tom Roe Venue: The New Wolsey Theatre Reviewer: Paul Couch Those of us old enough to remember Dragnet in the late 60s (no, not the 50s version, thank-you!), Starsky &Hutch in the 70s, and Cagney &Lacey in the 80s, will recall how every tough-as-old-boots maverick cop was given 24 hours to solve a case or ...

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Pulse2016: Made In China – Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me

Tonight I'm Gonna Be The New Me

Creators: Tim Cowbury and Jessica Latowicki Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich It’s never wise to mix work and private lives, especially in the pressure cooker environment of theatre. Made In China Theatre’s Tim Cowbury and Jessica Latowicki have crossed that line and created a world that looks at a relationship. A relationship one hopes is a fictionalised ...

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Pulse 2016: Andy Smith – The Preston Bill

Andy Smith - The Preston Bill

Writer and Performer: Andy Smith Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre   To understand the grand scale we often need to focus in on the minutiae. World events and social change are sometimes to vast to comprehend. Relate those changes to an individual, however, and it becomes digestible. It's a technique employed well by Andy Smith in The Preston ...

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Pulse2016: Verity Standen – Mmm Hmmm

Writer and Director: Verity Standen Reviewer: Paul Couch Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich It’s an astounding instrument, the human voice: it can soothe, titillateand terrify in equal measure with the most minute change of volume, tone and pitch. Verity Standen And her company are clearly masters of the a Capella genre; however, this is no static singalong – Standen and ...

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PULSE POINT #1: Our Pulse Festival Picks – 26-29 May

The 16th Pulse Festival kicks of in Ipswich today [26 May] with 49 shows being presented over the next ten days. From work in progress to the best of new touring work, Pulse offers a feast for theatregoers. Our best advice is to immerse yourself into Pulse and see as much as you can (we'll be there for all 49 ...

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FEATURE: 16 Years on and Pulse keeps getting stronger

It's May 2001 and Suffolk Youth Theatre is about to take to the New Wolsey Theatre stage with their innovative adaptation of The Jungle Book. Nothing remarkable about that but the opening night also marked the first performance under the Pulse Festival banner. Over the 16 years between, the festival has grown to become one of the countries most influential ...

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PULSE PREVIEW: The Hiccup Project – May We Go Round?

The Hiccup Project - May We Go Round?

Ipswich’s Pulse Festival offers ten days of thrilling theatre, dance and music, with work from established artists and those taking their first step on the performance ladder. Our Pulse Previews series gives participants the chance to tell us about their show in a fun, relaxed style. The Hiccup Project tell us about their show May-We-Go-Round?   How would you describe ...

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