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Founded in 2001, Ipswich’s Pulse Festival offers audiences the chance to see the best of new theatre and performance. From brand new workto the annual Suitcase Prize encouraging environmental touring, Pulse has become one of the UK’s most important showcases for new and emerging talent.

PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Breach Theatre – The Beanfield

People sitting on a bench. One doing stretching exercises

Devisors: Breach Theatre Reviewer: Paul Couch Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the original High Court injunction, the so-called Battle of the Beanfield cannot accurately be described as the finest hour of Wiltshire Police. In 1985 Britain was in the grip of increasingly confrontational miners’ strikes and the country’s police forces were stretched and ready to go in hard ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Proto-type Theater- The Machine They’re Secretly Building

A machine They're Secretly Building

Writer and Director:Andrew Westerside Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich   After watching Proto-type Theater'sA Machine They’re Secretly Building, it seems somewhat daunting to commit thought to paper/screen. These words captured, recorded and consumed and monitored by anonymous faces out on the web. That may sound paranoid, but after an hour in the company of Rachel Baynton and ...

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PULSE POINT #2: Our Pulse Festival Picks – 30 May to 4 June

There's already been plenty of activity at Pulse 2016, with a huge variety of work shown across the opening weekend. There's still plenty to see over the coming week, however, so our advice is clear your diary and feast on as much theatre as you can! If time is tight though, here are five shows you really shouldn't miss this ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Worklight Theatre – Labels

Labels by Worklight Theatrwe

Writer &Performer: Joe Sellman-Leava Director: Katharina Reinthaller Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich   In an age of increasing reliance on the soundbite, the label’s we give people may be more visible than ever but what are the impacts on those labels, those pre-conceived notions, on those individuals who we lump together as some stereotype? Though some may ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: People You May Know – The Goldilocks Project


Writer and Performer: Stanley Rudkin Co-Writer and Director: Rob Salmon Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich   If any of the majorpolling and research companies want a representative take on the current mood of you people, they could do far worse than peruse People You May Know’s catalogue of work. The group of young theatre-makers grew out of ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Scratchworks Theatre Company – Nel

Nel - Scratchworks Theatre

Writers and Devisors: Scratchworks Theatre Company Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich   They day never trust what you see on screen, but after seeing Nel you may never trust what you hear. From radio drama such as the iconic The Archers right through to the latest big screen blockbuster, all those footsteps, tyre screeches or door slams ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Full Pelt – The Going Away Days

The Going Away Days

Writer: Aaron Dart Director: Aidan Napier Reviewer: Paul Couch It’s one of the ugliest facets of British culture, football hooliganism. Known overseas as “The English Disease”, it’s run rampant through the sport for five decades, and continues today, although since seated stadia were enforced in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster, the in-ground brawling has mostly moved outside. And, as ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Le Gateau Chocolat – Duckie

Writer and Performer: Le Gateau Chocolat Director: Flick Ferdinando Co-Writer and Director: Tommy Bradson Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich   Much like there are moments in history, such as the assassination of Kennedy, when people are said to recall where they are, so it is that occasionally in theatre you witness the birth of a show that ...

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