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Founded in 2001, Ipswich’s Pulse Festival offers audiences the chance to see the best of new theatre and performance. From brand new workto the annual Suitcase Prize encouraging environmental touring, Pulse has become one of the UK’s most important showcases for new and emerging talent.

PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: The Flanagan Collective – Fable

Writer: Alexander Wright Director: Joe Hufton Composer: Jim Harbourne Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich   'We are made of starstuff' – so said astronomer, scientist and author Carl Sagan. For J, a Birmingham teacher, the stars are not only part of what makes her, but also where she longs to be. A would-be astronaut, barred because of ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Annie Siddons – How (Not) To Live In Suburbia

How Not to Live In Suburbia - Annie Siddons

Writer: Annie Siddons Co-Directors: Justin Audibert and Nicki Hobday Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich It’s a curious strategy, at a time when there’s a tangible backlash against the centricity of London theatre, to bring a show that extolls the virtues of all things Capitol to a regional theatre festival. Annie Siddons doesn’t care.In How (Not)To Live In ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: The Wardrobe Ensemble – 1972:The Future Of Sex

Writers: Tom Brennan, Tom Crosley-Thorne, Tom England, Emily Greenslade, Jesse Jones, Kerry Lovell, Jesse Meadows, Helena Middleton, James Newton, Ben Vardy, Edythe Wooley Director: Tom Brennan and Jesse Jones Music: Tom Crosely-Thorne Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich   American hip-hop trio Salt-n-Pepa may have sung Let's Talk About Sex in 1991, but nearly two decades earlier it ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Barrel Organ – Some People Talk About Violence

Devisors: Barrel Organ Director: Ali Pidsley Reviewer: Paul Couch Venue: New Wolsey Theatre Studio The first thing we notice about Some People Talk About Violence is that there’s very little actual ‘violence’ in it; any conflict tends to be verbal and emotional. In referring to each other, the characters use language that disparages and criticises. After some reflection, and shifting ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Jamie Wood – O No!

Jamie Wood - O No

Writer and Performer: Jamie Wood Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich   Midway through any festival we all need some sunshine in our lives, and Jamie Wood offers it. A melange of wild hair, beard and nappy, Wood opens his show with the instruction to ‘Take the sun and pass it round’ as a giant yellow gym ball ...

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PULSE FESTIVAL 2016: Sh!t Theatre – Woman’s Hour

Writers and Performers:Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit Reviewer:Paul Couch Venue: New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit are Shit Theatre. That's not a sweeping judgement, it's what they do. It's the name the duo lumbered themselves with in 2010 when they first started out. Their message in the current show, Women's Hour, is delivered with irreverence towards the ...

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PULSE FRINGE 2016: Vincent Gambini – This Is Not A Magic Show

Vincent Gambini doing a card trick

Writer and Performer: Vincent Gambini Reviewer: Glen Pearce Venue: High Street Exhibition Gallery, Ipswich   There's a danger that officials from trading standards will be calling on Vincent Gambini over his show This Is Not A Magic Show. If the Trade Descriptions Act covers conjuring is unclear, however, despite what Gambini tells us, this is very clearly a magic show, ...

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NEWS: Ipswich’s Pulse Festival passes the 600 show mark

Last night’s performance of Proto-type Theatre’s A Machine They’re Secretly Building marked the 600th show in the festival's 16-year history. That’s 600 individual shows, not performances and doesn’t include the many free bands that have performed after the day’s events. It’s an impressive feat, but who has taken the other milestone slots in the festival’s history? We’ve dug into the ...

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