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Something Better – Barrow Street Theatre, New York

(Josie Long) (Something Better) (c) Paul Bevan

Writer: Josie Long Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Josie Long, charming and optimistic comedian from England, brings Something Better to Barrow Street Theatre, in both name and intention. As a left-wing identifying human in a Brexit &Trump world, Long struggles comedically to come to terms with modern politics, baby boomers, and aging, in a not-quite-stand-up, not-quite-solo-show, that is completely heartening during a time in our history ...

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My Name is Gideon: I’m Probably Going to Die, Eventually – Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, New York City

(My Name is Gideon) (Rattlestick Playwrights Theater) (c) Maria Baranova

Writer: Gideon Irving Director: Ewen Wright Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Gideon Irving has made a name as a global troubadour, traveling by various methods to homes across the world, entertaining families and their friends in salon-style sessions in their living room. In My Name is Gideon: I’m Probably Going to Die, Eventually, he brings his home to the stage and invites ...

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Infertile – UCB Theatre Chelsea, New York

(Infertile) (UCB Chelsea, New York) (c) Francine Daveta

Writers: John Murray &Silvija Ozols Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Comedy and laughter, employed as strength giving tools in times of hardship, are some of the greatest gifts humankind has at its disposal. With as many as one out of six modern couples facing infertility, and no coming decrease in those numbers, John Murray and Silvija Ozols share their light-hearted take on ...

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Trans-Jester – The Stonewall Inn, New York

(Trans-Jester) (Stonewall Inn) (c) Jeff Eason

Writer: Lady Bunny & Beryl Mendelbaum Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Lady Bunny brings her delightfully crass humor to the upstairs theatre of the historic Stonewall Inn, in the now twice-extended Trans-Jester. A drag icon, Bunny melds show tunes, audience-interactive monologue, video media, pop music, and brilliant one-liners together in a one-person show that  balances social commentary with toilet humor to achieve a ...

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Blacktop Highway – Dixon Place, New York City

(Blacktop Highway) (press photo) (Dixon Place) (c)Rafael Hernandez

Writer: John Fleck Director: Randee Trabitz Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Performance artist and actor of NEA Four fame, John Fleck, brings his solo show to Dixon Place from Los Angeles. Blacktop Highway brings the gothic American horror film to the stage with a John Waters-inspired edge. The grotesque and surreal drive the action of this compelling experience. Calling itself out for being ...

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Slumber – House of Yes, New York

(Slumber) (House of Yes) (c) John Dolan

Director: Josh Aviner Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers A night at the club turns deadly in Hideaway Circus’ latest piece, Slumber, at the House of Yes in Brooklyn. A cast of extremely talented performers is picked off one-by-one, by one of their own, in this hilariously dark movement theatre piece. A supernaturally talented ensemble cast of Olga Karmansky, Lee Hubilla, Anya Sapozhnikova, ...

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Thank You for Being a Friend – The Cutting Room, New York

press photo, Thank Your For Being A Friend

Writer: Nick Brennan Director: Nick Brennan Lyrics: Luke Jones &Cisco Cardenas Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Cheesecake, shoulder pads, and Latin pop stars abound at the Cutting Room for a fewSunday nights this fall. Set in a retirement home in Miami, Thank You for Being a Friend sends up the classic sitcom The Golden Girls. With spunky musical numbers and nods to ...

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Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy: The Case of the Peepshow Phantom – Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York

press photo, Nasty Drew and that Harder Boy

Writer: Chris Harder Director: Chris Harder Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Mystery, intrigue, and innuendo abound at the Laurie Beechman in Chris Harder’s Nasty Drew and that Harder Boy: The Case of the Peepshow Phantom. Mixing narrative theatre, burlesque, and drag into one high-camp cocktail of sexy disco brilliance against a 1970s backdrop, this show delivers laughs and lasciviousness in equal measure. ...

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