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iLuminate – New World Stages, New York City

Play: Miral Kotb, Athena Sunga Music: Justin “Kanobby” Keitt, Christopher Tignor Choreographers: Miral Kotb, John “JRock” Nelson, Dario Mejia, Marcus Allan Cobb, Robert Vail Director: Miral Kotb Reviewer: Jamie Rosler The house lights go completely dark, and a neon figure enters the stage from nowhere. The preshow announcement is a performance in itself, and sets the tone for the rest ...

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Mercy Killers – Stella Adler Studio Theater, New York

Writer: Michael Milligan Director: Tom Oppenheim Reviewer: Claudia Borruso Joe is Middle America. He works hard, believes in honesty and family and he loves his wife. Joe is the everyman whose story will be told in communities across Manhattan, Bronx and Queens starting January 17th; and a timely tale it is. Within “an interrogation room…the recent past” Joe enters, scared ...

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Hip & Darkling – IRT Theater, New York

Writer: Nora Woolley (HiP), Kim Katzberg (Darling) Director: Raquel Cion Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Two solo shows, developed over two years, explore the recent past from two very different times and places. Hip and Darkling both deal with characters fighting the ever-present voice inside their heads that pines, “I feel worried that I’m nobody.” Hip brings us to Williamsburg, Brooklyn in ...

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The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told! – Snapple Theater Center, New York

Writer: Christopher Leidenfrost Director: Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   A purely entertaining show, with improvised songs, pirates, and an evil sea witch’s curse, is exactly what one should expect from The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told. A great way to spend an hour just outside Times Square, and a unique experience for each performance, the only drawback is that ...

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The Preacher and the Shrink – Theatre Row: Beckett Theatre, New York

Writer: Merle Good Director: Steven Yuhasz Reviewer: Claudia Borruso How wonderful it is to see brand new writing which manages to be both complex and gripping? That is what awaits an audience to “The Preacher and the Shrink” at Theatre Row until 4 January 2014.Merle Good is the playwright to present this novel feast, and with it he makes his ...

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An Evening with Jay Kuo – Lambs Club, 44th Street and Broadway, New York

Reviewer: Nathan Shreeve Broadway has long been a home for Musical Theatre. From Phantom of the Opera, to The Lion King, some of the most commercially successful pieces of theatre in recent history can be found here. Similarly, some of the most innovative work is also here, but sadly, not at The Lambs’ Club, and certainly not created by Jay ...

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