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Adoration of the Old Woman– INTAR, New York

Writer: José Rivera Director: Patricia McGregor Reviewer: Jamie Rosler A hot summer night in Puerto Rico, the not too distant future. A small house with two occupants who clearly do not get along. Doña Belen—played wonderfully by Socorro Santiago—allegedly between 100 and 150 years old, is verbally accosted by Adoración—played quite strongly by Danielle Davenport—who turns out to be the ...

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Worship – Theater for the New City, New York

Writer: Eduardo Machado Director: Michael Domitrovitch Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Your mentor, your idol, your god is dying. The teacher who spat on you from her pedestal, sometimes literally, has not long for this physical world, and she cut ties with mental lucidity before we, the audience, meet her. A small group of primarily self-chosen students/worshippers gather around Estelle’s bedside hoping ...

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The Bridges of Madison County – Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, New York

Book: Marsha Norman (based on book by Robert James Waller) Music/Lyrics Jason Robert Brown Director: Bartlett Sher Reviewer: Claudia Borruso The Bridges of Madison County is the brand new musical to hit Broadway. It is based on the best-selling novel by Robert James Waller and draws on the legacy of the blockbuster movie directed by Clint Eastwood. If those credentials ...

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Middle of the Night – Clurman Theatre, New York

Writer: Paddy Chayefsky Director: Jonathan Silverstein Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Uncovering lost theatrical gems is more than just the mission of Keen Company; it is its strength. Middle of the Night tells the story of unexpected love between an older Jewish widower and a younger Gentile woman, only one year into her marriage. The stigma of divorce and inter-ethnic relationships in ...

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London Wall – Mint Theater Company, New York

Writer: John Van Druten Director: Davis McCallum Reviewer: Claudia Borruso John Van Druten is not a name instantly familiar to American audiences even though he was an American citizen for the last 13 years of his life and had more success here than in London, where his career began. London Wall is one of his earlier plays and shows no ...

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Murder for Two – New World Stages, New York

Book: Joe Kinosian &Kellen Blair Music: Joe Kinosian Lyrics: Kellen Blair Director: Scott Schwartz Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Advertised as “zany” and “madcap,” Murder for Two delivers as promised. A musical comedy and murder mystery, starring Brett Ryback as the police officer with dreams of making detective, and Joe Kinosian – the hardest working man on off-Broadway – as everyone else, ...

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Hurlyburly – Chain Theatre, Long Island City, New York

Writer: David Rabe Director: Rich Ferraioli Reviewer: Claudia Borruso Everything about this production is ambitious. Firstly, Hurlyburly has a running time of over 3 hours and all the real action takes place off-stage. In addition to this, Rabe’s magnificent writing is dense and difficult; it is fast-paced, seemingly superficial and beautifully philosophical and takes very finely tuned skill to present ...

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Rehab – Roy Arias Stage IV Theater, New York

Writer/Director: Frank Sluszka Reviewer: Claudia Borruso Friction Productions is a very young and fresh new creation thanks to co-founders Frank Sluszka and Laurel Fulcher. Fresh from the success of last summer’s “Friction”, Sluska has written and directed “Rehab”, a detailed, gritty and hard-hitting exploration of addiction. The clever structure of the action means we never need to move from the ...

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