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Company Tickets starring Patti Lupone

The Fiery Sword of Justice – CSV Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York City

Writer: Lauren Letellier Director: Kel Haney Reviewer: Jamie Rosler The wonderful thing about the New York International Fringe Festival, is the opportunity it gives to so many new creators of live theatre. Yes, there are a bevy of young, excited grads, and a fair amount of people in their thirties who used to be those fresh-faced grads themselves, but another ...

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Cortez – The 14th Street Y, New York

Writer: Judith Goudsmit Director: David Riley Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos The charm of the NY Fringe Festival lies in its relatively low-tech productions that tell urgent stories. Cortez, generated by an inspiring group called Milkwood Theater, is a perfect example. In this piece, we are introduced to two marine biologists researching a species of underwater life called the Tomatians. (It’s a ...

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Crave – Sgouros Theatre, New York

Writer: Sarah Kane Director: Gregory Kowalski Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos   Not everyone responds to the work of Sarah Kane, and those who do often do not respond the same way. Kane wrote five turbulent, emotional plays (and one short screenplay) before her life was tragically cut short by suicide at the age of 28. When her work does not depict ...

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Summer Shorts Series B – 59E59 Theatres, New York

Writers: Daniel Reitz, Neil LaBute, Albert Innaurato Directors: Paul Schnee, Maria Mileaf, Jack Hofsiss Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos   If just one out of the three plays in Summer Shorts Series A was a home run, Series B ups the festival’s batting average. The opener, Daniel Reitz’s “Napoleon in Exile,” is the evening’s best. The play, which ingeniously incorporates the computer ...

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Summer Shorts Series A – 59E59 Theatres, New York

Writers: Roger Hedden, Eric Lane, Warren Leight Directors: Billy Hopkins, Matthew Rauch, Fred Berner Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos In its eighth year, “Summer Shorts” presents two series (A &B) of one-act plays by playwrights that are, at least, mid-career, if not quite established. This year, comments have been abuzz over the line-up across both series, which includes not one woman, and ...

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The Mapmaker’s Opera – Pearl Theatre, New York

Writer: Béa Gonzales Book &Lyrics: Victor Kazan Music: Kevin Purcell Director: Donald Brenner Reviewer: Tim Koch We each create the maps of our lives, with moments creating dots and pathways that intersect with others, irrevocably changing their lives and ours. Adapted from the novel of the same name, The Mapmaker’s Opera tries to instill a solemnity and epic scale on ...

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The Phantom of the Improv – Sophie’s at Broadway, New York

Creators: Jodan Scott Gilbert &Phillip Lakin Reviewer: Tim Koch The Phantom of the Opera is here, inside…a Chuck E. Cheese’s? With Marky-Mark Created by Jordan Scott Gilbert and Phillip Lakin, this unique take on The Phantom of the Opera ambitiously combines the randomness and spontaneity of improv with the overarching plot structure of the well-known love story. The production takes ...

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Donogoo – The Mint Theatre, New York, NY

Writer: Jules Romains Translator: Gus Kaikkonen Director: Gus Kaikkonen Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos 1930: Donogoo premieres in France. 1961: Donogoo premieres in America. 1972: Jules Romains dies. 2014: Donogoo gets revived, via a new translation by Gus Kaikkonen, at the Mint Theatre. One struggles to figure out why. Donogoo is the story of a man, Lamendin (James Riordan, for whom one ...

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