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Dutchman – Castillo Theatre, New York

Writer: Amiri Baraka Director: Woodie King, Jr. Reviewer: Jamie Rosler If you read newspapers, watch television, or engage in social media, you know that race, and racism in America, are being openly discussed in a way that perhaps they never were before. In that context, a play that first premiered in 1964 fits unfortunately well into the theatrical landscape of ...

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One Day the Musical – 3LD Art & Technology Center, New York

Book, Music &Lyrics: Michael Sottile Choreographer: Ray Leeper Director: Michael Sottile &Ray Leeper Reviewer: Tim Koch A musical about teenagers? And their issues? How could this possibly be different? For starters, One Day the Musical doesn’t have a set “plot” – the show unfolds as a series of vignettes of a group of teenagers as they live their lives – ...

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Animals Out Of Paper – McAlpin Hall at the West Park Church, New York

Writer: Rajiv Joseph Director: Merri Milwe Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos Much like origami produces beauty out of blank pieces of paper, Rajiv Joseph exhibits a similar splendor in his Animals Out Of Paper. This play puts Ilana Andrews (Nairoby Otero), expert origamist, front and center. It then tosses her two men: the star-struck origami enthusiast Andy (David Beck) and Andy’s student, ...

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Film Chinois – Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row, New York

Writer: Damon Chua Director: Kaipo Schwab Reviewer: Jamie Rosler As far as cinematic genres go, film noir is one of the more theatrical. The dramatic use of light and dark, the distinctly drawn characters with clear—at least to themselves—motives, and the high stakes that keep getting higher, are all potential elements of a very successful piece of theatre. Other tropes ...

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Burq Off! – Teatro Circulo, New York

Writer: Nadia P. Manzoor Director: Tara Elliott Reviewer: Jamie Rosler One English Pakistani Muslim woman’s story, telling universal truths, and raising socially relevant questions, about identity, extremism, and family. Written and performed by Nadia P. Mazoor, this coming-of-age story is both profoundly personal and immensely relatable. Nadia’s father, mother, brother, boyfriend, and best friend populate the stage, as well as ...

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Romeo & Juliet – The Kraine Theater, New York

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Chris Rivera Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   In all forms of art, one could argue, there are traps into which one must constantly and consciously avoid falling. There are timeworn clichés, and the unfortunate tendency to oversell and under deliver. As an avid theatre-goer, the phrase “indie production of Romeo &Juliet” might fill you with joy, knowing ...

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Hereafter Musical – Snapple Theatre Center, New York

Book/Music/Lyrics: Vinnie Favale &Frankie Keane Director: Terry Berliner Reviewer: Tim Koch What happens after we die? Tackling this difficult question, Hereafter Musical follows the story of three women, Debbie, Christina, and Mary, who want to connect with loved ones through a group reading with world-renowned medium Jason. Although skeptical of his abilities at first, they soon realize Jason might be ...

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