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Macbeth – The Pearl Theatre, New York

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Devin Brain Reviewer: Jamie Rosler As rare as it is to refer to a Shakespearean play as succinct, The Acting Company’s production of Macbeth is just that, paring down the five-act tragedy to an extended one-act play (90-minutes, no intermission). This pessimistic exploration of human nature might leave an audience feeling emotionally drained if not downright ...

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All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever – La Mama (Ellen Stewart Theatre), New York City

Writer: Eli Kent Director: Robin Kerr Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   Self-referential theatre on a low budget. Live music, and an active and direct relationship between the onstage and backstage worlds. If you’re already cringing in fear at the show that might describe, stop. The PlayGround Collective’s All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever is an exceptional work of theatre, striking ...

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On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me As Her Young Lover – La Mama (First Floor Theatre), New York City

Writer: Richard Meros Adaptor: Arthur Meek and Geoff Pinfield Director: Geoff Pinfield Reviewer: Jamie Rosler   One of nine shows that make up the New Zealand New Performance Festival, running at La Mama until March 29, On the Conditions… is introduced as a “whimsical Nuclear-PowerPoint presentation-cum-come-on,” and certainly lives up to that description. Performer Arthur Meek presents his audience with ...

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Othello – The Clarion Theater, New York

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican Reviewer: Rachael Heather Taking one’s seat in a theatre to see any Shakespearean production fills the well-versed theatregoer with a mixture of excitement and dread. Unlike contemporary productions where every element of the piece has the potential to be both good or bad, you can rest soundly in your seat knowing ...

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Hunter Gatherers – Duo Multicultural Arts Centre, New York

Writer: Peter Sinn Nachtrieb Director: Eric Tucker Reviewer: Jamie Rosler A married couple, Pam and Richard, slaying a young lamb in their living room, is the opening scene of Hunter Gatherers, and that is quite literally only the beginning of the absurdity and the exploring of taboos that ensue over the next almost two hours. This hilarious script tells the ...

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Fashions for Men – Mint Theater, New York City

Writer: Ferenc Molnár Director: Davis McCallum Reviewer: Jamie Rosler First produced in Budapest in 1917, then translated to English and brought to Broadway in 1922, Fashions for Men is an entertaining and occasionally heartfelt exploration of human kindness--its exploitation by the unkind, and the potential pitfalls and plusses of being truly selfless, giving, and meek. In an upscale haberdashery owned ...

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John & Jen – Theatre Row, New York City

Book: Tom Greenwald and Andrew Lippa Music: Andrew Lippa Lyrics: Tom Greenwald Director: Jonathan Silverstein Reviewer: Jamie Rosler The first major revival of John &Jen since the mid-1990s, Keen Company’s production is a fantastic vehicle for Kate Baldwin and Conor Ryan, who offer enjoyable performances, but is unfortunately mediocre in general. Potentially emotional subject matter, such as abusive fathers and ...

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Dutchman – Castillo Theatre, New York

Writer: Amiri Baraka Director: Woodie King, Jr. Reviewer: Jamie Rosler If you read newspapers, watch television, or engage in social media, you know that race, and racism in America, are being openly discussed in a way that perhaps they never were before. In that context, a play that first premiered in 1964 fits unfortunately well into the theatrical landscape of ...

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