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Scenes from an Execution – The Atlantic Stage 2, New York

Writer: Howard Barker Director: Richard Romagnoli Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos “I never ‘say’ anything in my work. I invent a world. Let others decide what is being ‘said.’” This quote is attributed to Howard Barker, playwright behind Scenes from an Execution and numerous other plays and theatre essays. Okay. I will gladly take him up on his offer. The great thing ...

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POUND – Dixon Place, New York

Writer: Marga Gomez Director: David Schweizer Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Marga Gomez is adorable, in the most complimentary way possible. As part of Dixon Place’s HOT! Festival, the longest-running annual LGBTQ festival in the world, Gomez brings her sharp wit and fearless stage presence, exploring the rôle that movies and their stereotyped lesbians have played in her sexual development. With a ...

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Sayonara – Theatre Row, New York

Book: William Luce Music: George Fischoff Lyrics: Hy Gilbert Writer: James A. Michener Adaptor: Tisa Chang / Pan-Asian Repertory Theatre Director: Tisa Chang Reviewer: Jamie Rosler traditional musical theatre has the ability to explore deep human themes in a way that other genres can’t. Larger-than-life emotions are filtered through sensational dance numbers and triple-threat lead actors, bringing the audience on ...

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At the Table – HERE Arts Center, New York

Writer/Director: Michael Perlman Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Millennials are becoming adults, and they’re getting to it later than their parents did. They’re dealing with complex social issues held over from earlier generations, as well as interpersonal concerns that, while not necessarily new to humanity, are new to the forefront of cultural discussion. Abortion, racial privilege, pot smoking, and gay marriage are ...

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Gender, A Performance Project – Stage Left Studio, New York

Writer: Cheryl King &Ashley Lauren Rogers Director: Cheryl King Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Gender. Sex. Sexuality. Orientation. Personal affairs that are nobody else’s business, or social constructs that it benefits all of us to discuss? Both, of course, and not even paradoxically. In Gender, A Performance Project, an ensemble cast presents us with several short scenes, all of which explore the ...

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Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes – Cherry Lane Theatre, New York

Writer/Director: Brad T. Gottfred Reviewer: Jamie Rosler It should be noted that this performance received an almost complete standing ovation. It is possible this was in earnest, and it is possible that the cast had a lot of friends in the house. An entertaining play with equal parts humour and repulsion, that perhaps wanted more of the former than the ...

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Most Dangerous Man in America (W.E.B. DuBois) – Castillo Theatre, New York

Writer: Amiri Baraka Director: Woodie King, Jr. Reviewer: Jamie Rosler It is fitting that Amiri Baraka’s final play, receiving its posthumous world premiere as part of New Federal Theatre’s 45th season, looks at the evening of another prominent man’s life—a man who had a profound impact on Baraka’s own ideas and practices. Most Dangerous Man in America (W.E.B. DuBois), directed ...

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Devoted Dreams –Theatre Row, New York

Writer: Christopher B. Latro Director: Anna Bamberger Reviewer: Jamie Rosler If humans have free will, and that free will is a gift from the gods, or God, can we still be manipulated into making certain decisions, and if we are, is that truly “free will?” While not the only theme in Devoted Dreams, these questions form the basis of this ...

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