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Shear Madness – New World Stages, New York

Writer: Paul Pörtner Director: Bruce Jordan Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Part farce, part whodunit, and part choose-your-own-adventure story, Shear Madness is entertaining but weak. There is enough fun and fluff to keep most people amused and engaged, but for a production that has run and been work-shopped for several decades in various cities before opening in New York, it is not ...

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The Dishonorable Discharge of Private Pitts – IATI Theatre, New York

Writer: Daniel Damiano Director: Kathy Gail MacGowan Reviewer: Jamie Rosler The same story, depending on its telling, can be timeless or trite. With work, Daniel Damiano’s new American drama, The Dishonorable Discharge of Private Pitts, might land firmly in the former, but first there is a lot of fat to cut from the script if it is going to be ...

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CHASE: What Matters Most? – Dixon Place, New York

Creators: ANIMALS Performance Group Reviewer: Jamie Rosler ANIMALS performance group has a bold mission statement. They use various visual and performance media “to create moments of surprise, irreverence and incongruity that disrupt the perceived stability of social beliefs and attitudes.” Sometimes, in an effort to make new and exciting theatre that challenges conventions and explores big ideas, artists over-complicate the ...

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Nightmare Horror Show: Program 4 – Flamboyan Theater, New York

Writer: Jason Ellis / Kate Dickinson Director: Figment / Kate Dickinson Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Promising “new horror works that will thrill even the most jaded theatergoer,” Psycho Clan has curated a month-long festival of new theatre, produced by themselves and others, that is sure to tickle any audience member with a thing for Halloween. Whether it will make the jump ...

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Would You Still Love Me If – New World Stages, New York

Writer: John S. Anastasi Director: Kathleen Turner Reviewer: Rachael Heather Never has pop culture been more saturated with information and media examples of transgender individuals both on and off screen/stage. This is not to say that we don’t have much more to do as a society by way of acceptance, understanding and education. However, with such examples as Laverne Cox ...

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Dracula – McAlpin Hall at the West Park Church, New York

Writer: Bram Stoker With Additional Material By: Steven Dietz and Lori Wolter Hudson Director: Kristin McCarthy Parker Reviewer: Jonathan Alexandratos Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula weaves a narrative about immigration, the body, and performance into the tapestry of an age-old horror story. Dracula, the character, becomes almost a red herring for the real threat: fear of the Other. It is others ...

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Sommerfugl – 4th Street Theater, New York

Writer: Bixby Elliot Director: Stephen Brackett Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Transgender experiences are on the American public’s mind in a way they’ve never been before, and it’s a safe bet that a New York City-based theatre audience in 2015 is sympathetic to the cause. Whether or not that was a consideration in the staging of Bixby Elliot’s Sommerfugl is unknown, but ...

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