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Calderon’s Two Dreams – La MaMa (Ellen Stewart Theatre), New York

Writer: Pedro Calderón de la Barca Translators: George Drance, Alfredo Galvàn, Magis Theatre Company Directors: George Drance, Kelly Johnston Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Pedro Calderón de la Barca wrote Life is a Dream in 1635, and then, for reasons that are historically challenging to trace, rewrote it in 1677. Moving from the world of courtly kingdoms to the creation of man, ...

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The Big Broadcast on East 53rd – TBG Theatre, New York

(The Big Broadcast) (TBG Theatre) (c)Carol Rosegg

Writer: Dick Brukenfeld Director: Charles Maryan Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers A deft cast carries The Big Broadcast on East 53rd. This ‘80s-style throwback antic comedy is deftly directed by Charles Maryan, with fantastic timing. Visually, the production is striking, particularly the set designed by Atkin Pace that combines conceptual cuing with naturalistic realism with seamless ease. Kate Loprest and John Patrick ...

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Jinkx Sings Everything – Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York

Writer: Jinkx Monsoon Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers This is not a review. Per the request of the brilliant Jinkx Monsoon at the top of her new, entirely off-the-cuff request-only musical revue, this writer will not be reviewing the show. This is not a review. It is a reflection on the joy, energy, and command that Jinkx brings to the stage, while putting ...

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Babel – The Theater at the 14t St Y, New York

(Babel) (The Theater at 14th St Y) (c)Lloyd Mulvey

Writers: WT McRae &Jeremy Williams Directors: WT McRae &Jeremy Williams Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Beginning before it begins, with specific, deliberate, and subtle movement occurring onstage as the audience enters the space, Convergence Theatre Collective’s Babel explores the struggle to overcome boundaries and barriers, to find a common language. It does so entirely in silence. The stellar ensemble offers a fresh take ...

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Mope – Ensemble Studio Theatre New York

(Mope) (EST-Youngblood) (c) Jody Christopherson

Writer: Paul Cameron Hardy Director: RJ Tolan Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers A trip to Ensemble Studio Theatre can be a lengthy walk from the nearest train, but Youngblood’s current production of Mope makes the slog through the slush absolutely worth it. A hilarious and incisive deconstruction of toxic masculinity via the off-camera life of a low-level porn star, this new play ...

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Holden – New Ohio Theatre, New York

(Holden) (New Ohio Theatre) (c)Plate3

Writer:  Anisa George Director: Anisa George Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers With gun violence becoming an increasingly prevalent issue in American culture, it has become the focus for many theatre companies developing new work. George &Co’s Holden, an exploration into the culture of violence and the trappings of toxic masculinity that simmer below the surface, exists both now and in the past, connecting ...

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A Christmas Carol – New Ohio Theatre, New York

(Christmas Carol) (New Ohio Theatre) (c)Alan Roche

Writer: Charles Dickens Adaptor:  Matt Opatrny Director: Jessica Burr Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Giving to the poor makes them dependent on services and unwilling to work. Those who can care for themselves should and leave others to do the same. Hoarding riches is the only way to remain secure. These concepts seem as prevalent in modern day as they did when ...

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