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The Baroness: Isak Dinesen’s Final Affair – Theatre Row, New York

Writer: Thor Bjørn Krebs Director: Henning Hegland Reviewer: Robert Price Isak Denisen is the pseudonym used by Karen Blixen, the Danish author of Out of Africa, Babette’s Feast, and Seven Gothic Tales. At the peak of her fame, her writing was widely praised, her voice was heard on the radio, and her eccentric behavior was the subject of fashionable gossip. ...

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The Itch – New Ohio Theatre, New York

(The Itch) (New Ohio Theatre, NYC) (c)Walter Wlodarczyk

Writer: Alexandra Zelman-Doring Director: Theresa Buchheister Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Ana and Simon are twins, though it's never mentioned on stage. There's an almost incestuous nature to their relationship, but that's neither explored in the present nor explained by the past. The Itch is a sort of memory play, taking place at indistinct and potentially nonlinear times, but that's only clear based ...

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Inanimate – The Flea Theater, New York

(Inanimate) (The Flea) (NYC)

Writer: Nick Robideau Director: Courtney Ulrich Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell In 2009, American archer Erika LaBrie appeared on Good Morning America and explained to the audience that she was in love with the Eiffel Tower. In fact, she’d been married to the French landmark for two years and she’d legally changed her name to Erika Eiffel. For many Americans, this ...

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Aliens Coming – The PIT, New York

(Aliens Coming) (The PIT) (NYC)

Writer: Joe Kelly Director: Griffin Osborne Music: Jonathan Evans, John Frydman, Joe Kelly, Alice Kors, James Mullany, Ryan Tutton, James Young Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Aliens Coming, currently playing at the People’s Improv Theater, examines narcissism in the digital age by combining three common tropes: teenagers, aliens, and sex.  Going to the absurdist extreme of all three elements, this new musical ...

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Convicted – Theatre at the 14th Street Y, New York

(Convicted)(Theatre at the 14th Street Y)(NYC)

Writer: Riley Thomas Director: Riley Thomas Reviewer: Robert Price A gunshot opens Riley Thomas’ new play, echoing through the piece as a consequence of what we believe. Convicted explores morality’s application, from many different angles. Amy, played by Jennifer Knox (who holds the show together with her steady hand), works at an advocacy group for LGBT youth. David M. Farrington plays ...

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Trinkets – Gene Frankel Theater, New York

Writer: Paul Alexander Choreographer: Antyon LeMonte Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Trinkets, at 24 Bond Arts Center in the Gene Frankel Theater, has a promising enough premise. Billed as telling “the story of a group of drag and transsexual prostitutes” in the pre-gentrified Meatpacking district of the 1990s, the musical is a semi-moralistic tale with an after-school-special structure. Though the run time ...

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Lost and Guided – UNDER St. Marks Theatre, New York

(Lost and Guided)(Under St Marks)(NYC) (c)Andrei Remenchuk

Writer: Irene Kapustina Director: Irene Kapustina Reviewer: Jamie Rosler Theatre at its best, regardless of the technical details of its presentation, moves an audience to connect more deeply with the world it reflects. Irene Kapustina’s Lost and Guided, with its text taken primarily from interviews with refugees in the United States, bridges the divide between American audiences and the realities ...

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Decolonizing My Vagina – New Ohio Theatre, New York

Writer: Cristina Pitter Director: Jordana De La Cruz Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell Part of the New Ohio Theatre’s ICE Factory Festival, Fridays On ICE is a late night salon series featuring work “more typically... perform[ed] in nightclubs, bars, and private apartments” than in more traditional theatrical venues. Each night of the series features a different artist. The August 4 salon, ...

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