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The Playwrights Suite: Full Tilt – Canal Café Theatre, London

Writer: Sarah Pitard Director: Cat Robey Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Attending a staged reading of a work in progress is an experience unlike any other for an audience member. There is no set, no exits or entrances, no lighting or sound cues – although all of those such stage directions are read direct from the script. And so, in addition to ...

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It Is So Ordered – The Pleasance, London

Writer: Conor Carroll Director: Lucy Curtis Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Hope has always had such a good reputation, something that persists when life is at its most bleak but hope is also destructive, especially when the possibilities it affords do nothing but tease the suffering into feeling again. “It’s the hope that kills” Johnny explains after serving 50 years for a ...

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Out of Blixen – Print Room at the Coronet, London

Dramaturg/writer: Paul Tickell Director: Kathryn Hunter Reviewer: Stephen Bates Most of us know very little about the writer Karen Blixen, her name conjuring up only images of Meryl Streep gliding above the Serengeti in a small plane piloted by Robert Redford. It is probable that Out of Africa was once screened at the art deco Coronet that has become the home of ...

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The Verdict – Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Writer: Barry Reed Adaptor: Margaret May Hobbs Music: Lynette Webster Director: Michael Lunney Reviewer: Michael Gray Given the title, it's no surprise that this is a courtroom drama. A strong morality play too, which began as a novel, then became a film with Paul Newman. Now, 35 years on, it's on stage for the first time, touring the country with Middle ...

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Miss Nightingale: The Musical – The Vaults, London

Writer and Director: Matthew Bugg Reviewer: Maryam Philpott 'It is a very ungentlemanly thing to read a private cigarette case’ Oscar Wilde wrote in The Importance of Being Earnest, but it does make an excellent plot device if you’re hiding something in the 1940s. The latest iteration of Matthew Bugg’s Miss Nightingale: The Musical which arrives at The Vaults for ...

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Consent – Dorfman Theatre, National Theatre, London

Writer: Nina Raine Director: Roger Michell Reviewer: Scott Matthewman The act of rape, its effect on the victims and the difficulties with prosecuting attackers, is such a serious subject that one can feel guilty at laughing during Nina Raine's new play for the National and Out of Joint, Consent. And yet, such laughter is deliberate and necessary: Raine's darkly witty ...

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42nd Street – Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Book: Michael Stewart, Mark Bramble Director: Mark Bramble Lyrics: Al Dubin Music: Harry Warren Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty If you close your eyes and think of what a 1930s Broadway musical looks, feels and sounds like, then congratulations - you’re looking at 42nd Street. Created in 1980 as a call-back to the era, the show combines mind-bending tap dance routines, rolling ...

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Caste – Finborough Theatre, London

Writer: TW Robertson Director: Charlotte Peters Reviewer: Stephen Bates In the mid-Victorian era, with the Industrial Revolution in full swing and an unamused Queen on the throne, British theatre audiences still took time to have a good laugh. TW Robertson's Caste is here getting a 150th Anniversary revival and showing every year of its age becomes an integral part of ...

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