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Heartbreak House – Union Theatre, London

Writer: George Bernard Shaw Director: Phil Willmot Reviewer: Richard Maguire Towards the end of his life, and frustrated with the slowness of social reform, Bernard Shaw called for a dictatorship to be established in Britain. A dictator, Shaw reasoned, would get things done, and rekindle the desire for Socialism. Although Heartbreak House, currently playing at the Union Theatre, was written ...

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Imaginationship – Finborough Theatre, London

Writer: Sue Healy Director: Tricia Thorns Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The English seaside may seem a long way from London, it may be nostalgic, often cold and still emerging from years of depression and under-investment, but it inhabitants have the same aspirations, drives and needs as their metropolitan counterparts. Sue Healy’s new play Imaginationship is all about broken dreams and limited ...

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The Crystal Egg – The Vaults, London

Writer: Mike Archer, adapted from the short story by HG Wells  Director: Elif Knight  Reviewer: Scott Matthewman HG Wells’s short story The Crystal Egg, first published in 1897 as his better-known work The War of the Worlds was being serialised, can be thought of as a companion work to the author’s novel of Martian invasion. Its tale of a device ...

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Into the Numbers – Finborough Theatre, London

Writer: Christopher Chen Director: Georgie Staight Reviewer: Alex Ramon As previously proven a couple of years ago with its brilliant, bruising production of Colleen Murphy’s Pig Girl, the Finborough isn’t a theatre that believes in easing us into the New Year with something cosy. And those already overdosed on festive theatrical fun may be relieved to discover that the theatre ...

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Bananaman The Musical – Southwark Playhouse, London

Book, Music and Lyrics: Leon Parris Director: Mark Perry  Reviewer: Scott Matthewman If you thought pantomime season was over for another year, think again. Southwark Playhouse’s latest musical Bananaman, based on the DC Thompson comic strip that now resides in the Beano after life in the now-defunct stablemates Nutty and the Dandy, is firmly in the over-the-top, child-friendly silly comedy ...

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Dad’s Army Radio Hour – Live at Zedel, London

Writers: David Croft and Jimmy Perry Director: Owen Lewis Reviewer: Maryam Philpott The writing partnership of David Croft and Jimmy Perry created some of the finest and best loved British sitcoms of the last 50 years. Each show brought together a collection of hapless characters who get themselves into weekly farcical scrapes that across their output somehow united the opposing ...

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The Slightly Fat Show – Leicester Square Theatre, London

Created by: Slightly Fat Features Reviewer: Christie-Luke Jones The Slightly Fat Show is a veritable Frankenstein’s monster of comedic silliness. A fourteen-legged, knife-wielding, beer-swilling hodgepodge of the most madcap bits of The Young Ones, The Three Stooges, Monty Python, and every pantomime ever created. It’s also unerringly British. Slightly Fat Feature’s earnest and undoubtedly talented troupe are flying the flag ...

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Slava’s Snow Show – Royal Festival Hall, London

one yellow two green clowns with net

Creator: Slava Polunin  Director: Victor Kramer  Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Slava Polunin’s brand of melancholic clowning has become a Royal Festival Hall Christmas tradition. Polunin’s Yellow Clown, with fluffy slippers, oversized yellow onesie and a bulbous red nose, could be a Jim Henson Muppet creation come to life. But for those new to the Slava phenomenon, the opening moments of Slava’s ...

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