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Jekyll & Hyde – The Pleasance, London

Writers: Danny Wainwright and Daniel HallisseyDirector: Danny Wainwright Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Many of us probably see our politicians as Jekyll and Hyde figures, promising one thing with a pleasant smiling face, while tearing it all to shreds with a monstrous grin. How timely then, that in an election period Let Them Call it Mischief have farcically reworked Robert Louis Stevenson’s ...

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Twelfth Night – The Globe, London

Le Gateux Chocolate in Twelfth Night

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Emma Rice Reviewer: Karl O'Doherty From about 10 seconds into Emma Rice’s last self-directed play for The Globe, you realise that some people are going to absolutely hate it. That realisation should also come with its mirror image - some will mark this up as an absolute triumph for Rice and the new creative wave she’s ...

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PREVIEW: Hermann Mejia at Sophia Contemporary Gallery, London

By Maryam Philpott America’s changing relationship with the world and with its own history of immigration may have dominated the news for the last six months, but it has long been the purpose of the arts to visually reflect our societies back at us. Lovers of modern American art have been spoiled of late with big shows at the Royal ...

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Catch Me (Attrape-Moi) – Underbelly Festival, London

Original Concept: Flip Fabrique Director: Olivier Normand Reviewer: Maryam Philpott If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to the circus as a child, the bad news is the skill-set has been substantially upgraded. London has seen a renaissance in circus-based shows in recent years and the one thing they all have in common is the emphasis on gymnastic agility and ...

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Blush – Soho Theatre, London

Writer: Charlotte Josephine Director: Ed Stambollouian Reviewer: Stephen Bates A circle of bright red carpeting centre stage establishes the themes of Charlotte Josephine's blistering assault on an era in which the human race is forever finding new ways to embarrass itself. Blush we should at the antics of a society in which, seemingly, all established norms of decent behaviour are ...

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The Addams Family – New Wimbledon Theatre, London

Man in smoking jacket at dining table

Writers: Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman Composer & Lyricist: Andrew Lippa Director: Matthew White Reviewer: Tom Finch Everyone's favourite spooky family is back and they've gone musical. First seen on Broadway in 2010 The Addams Family - The Comedy Musical has finally arrived in Britain and is on tour. The plot is simple enough, young Wednesday is bringing a boy, ...

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Richard III – Arcola Theatre, London

Man in crown, woman in dark top

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Mehmet Ergen Reviewer: Ann Bawtree Richard III is a man everyone feels they know, or at least have an opinion about. For a King who reigned for only two years, his fame must largely be due to William Shakespeare’s dramatisation of his adult life. The picture painted in the play may or may not be historically ...

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Babette’s Feast – Print Room at the Coronet, London

Black woman with candelabra behind her

Writer: Karen Blixen Adaptor: Glyn Maxwell Director: Bill Buckhurst Reviewer: Stephen Bates Beginning "In a place no one knows...at the end of the world...", Karen Blixen's Babette's Feast sets off on a "once upon a time" road, establishing itself as a fable/fairy tale at least one move away from reality. We learn that, in this idyllic place, two sisters and their ...

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