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An Evening With Sylvester Stallone – Palladium, London

Hosted by Jonathan Ross Reviewer: Chris Rogers [rating:4] Like punters to a prize fight, the London Palladium was sold out from stalls to roof with buzzing spectators. The occasional “Yo Rocky – Hey Adrian” was giggled nervously while the hungry crowd awaited the undefeated champion of mumbled one-liners: Sylvester Stallone. Playing the referee of the night, trusty Jonathan Ross took ...

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The Day Shall Declare It – Marylebone Gardens, London

Based on “Moony’s Kid Don’t Cry” by Tennessee Williams and “Working” by Studs Terkel Director: Annie Saunders Reviewer: Chris Rogers [rating:4] Standing at the ramshackle bar of Marylebone Gardens in what used to be a BBC building, one immediately gets the underground flavour, the grit that the aptly named Wilderness are bringing toward their theatrical experience. It is well staffed ...

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Only Our Own – Arts Theatre, London

Writer: Ann Henning Jocelyn Director: Lars Harald Gathe Reviewer: Stephen Bates [rating:2] The Irish War of Independence, fought between 1919 and 1921, led to the formation of an independent Ireland and fundamental change for the Irish people, but the stories of English residents in the country at that time have been little told. Ann Henning Jocelyn’s new drama centres on ...

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Thebes – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Gareth Jandrell (after Sophocles and Aeschylus) Director: Rachel Valentine Smith Reviewer: Alice McGuigan [rating:4] “I vow to save you once more, my Thebes. My city” promises King Oedipus, unaware that his own fate has already set its suffering in motion. Presented by The Faction and written by Gareth Jandrell, this modern adaptation condenses Sophocles’ and Aeschylus’ classical Theban plays. ...

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Cleopatra – Hope Theatre, London

Writer: Gareth Cadwallader Director: Mary Franklin Reviewer: Harry Stern [rating:1.5] New plays are notoriously, gloriously unpredictable. There is always a sense of trepidation in the hearts and minds of the creative teams that bring them to life and of audiences that witness their birth. Some plays are triumphant on their first appearance, others are slow burners and some would have ...

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Silk Road – Peacock Theatre, London

Director: Shen Chen, Xiu Chenghua Art Director: Feng Shuangbai Reviewer: T.L. Wiswell [rating:1] There is almost no way in which Silk Road met its description as "a touching story of friendship and peace between Chinese people and foreign merchants during the Tang Dynasty (618-907)." It is a dance spectacular designed to promote a modern Chinese image of its restive Western ...

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Fuerzabruta – Roundhouse, London

Creator/Artistic Director: Diqui James Musical Director: Gaby Kerpel Reviewer: Christopher Hong [rating:4] Fuerzabruta has been touring the world since it originated in Buenos Aires in 2005, and it is much the same show returning to London after a sell out run last year. A man is seen running furiously on a treadmill in the center of the auditorium while dodging ...

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Hamlet – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Jon Wainwright [rating:3.5] With little in the way of set design, costume or music, many companies would struggle to create the rotten state of Denmark and its dysfunctional royal family, and to sustain a production of this play for three hours. The Faction have a good track record and can usually draw upon ...

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