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I Call My Brothers – Gate Theatre, London

Writer: Jonas Hassen Khemiri Translator: Rachel Willson-Broyles Director: Tinuke Craig Reviewer: Stephen Bates A car bomb explodes in a city centre, chaos descends and fingers of suspicion start to be pointed. Jonas Hassen Khemiri's 80-minute one-act play looks at the aftermath of such an outrage, not from the perspective of the terrorists or the dead and injured, but from that of ...

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Rumpy Pumpy ! – Union Theatre, London

Writer/Composer/Lyricist: Barbara Jane Mackie Director: Simon Greiff Reviewer: David Guest Jam and Jerusalem is replaced by jellies and lubes as two campaigning members of the Hampshire Women’s Institute fight for the de-criminalisation of prostitution and improved conditions for working girls.is replaced by jellies and lubes as two campaigning members of the Hampshire Women’s Institute fight for the de-criminalisation of prostitution ...

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Genesis – Soho Theatre, London

Writer: Frazer Flintham Director: Charlotte Bennett Reviewer: Maryam Philpott “Prevention is better than cure” but then again “ignorance is bliss”, so what would you do? These days medical science offers us all kinds of tests and guidance on the chance of developing certain diseases later in life, giving you the opportunity to reduce the risk and perhaps prevent it occurring. ...

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Feathers – Hen and Chickens Theatre, London

Writer: Eliza Power Director: Milla Jackson Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Would you trust your sister with your husband? Of course you would, she’s your sister, and of all people you can trust your family… can’t you? Not if you look at TV dramas or the more sensationalist women’s magazines that regularly show cheating siblings and wrecked marriages, but this is far ...

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An Inspector Calls – Playhouse Theatre, London

Te cast of An Inspector Calls

Writer: JB Priestley Director: Stephen Daldry Reviewer: Stephen Bates Twenty-four years after Stephen Daldry's legendary production first opened at the National Theatre, An Inspector Calls calls on London's West End yet again, having played somewhere across the globe for most of the interim period. This year also marks the 70th Anniversary of the first production in the UK of JB ...

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There’s No Place Like – Brasserie Zédel, London

Writer: Lilac Yosiphon Directors: Marianne Mayer and Mike Cole Reviewer: Scott Matthewman The nature of the concept of ‘home’ is a fertile one for theatre. In Lilac Yosiphon’s play, home as a physical location is played against the hunt for a sense of home by immigrant communities, as well the possibility that home is a more metaphorical concept, being where ...

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The Royale – The Tabernacle, London

Writer: Marco Ramirez Director: Madani Younis Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Sport is full of human drama, endurance, failure, pain, success and politics, yet with the difficulties of recreating the action on stage as effectively as film, there are relatively few sports plays out there. One of the few major successes in recent years was The Royale, the Bush Theatre’s 2015 boxing ...

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Bits Of Me Are Falling Apart – Soho Theatre, London

Writers: Adrian Edmondson and Steve Marmion Director: Steve Marmion Reviewer: Niall Harman Bringing a book about the perils of middle age to the stage is not an obvious choice for neither a theatre or a performer. Yet with Bits of Me Are Falling Apart (based on William Leith’s 2009 book), television favourite Ade Edmondson has done exactly that, and in ...

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