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Four by Tenn – Drayton Theatre, London

Writer: Tennessee Williams Directors: Brandon Force, Ray Rackham, Sarah Shelton Reviewer: Jon Wainwright Even when the author is as great a writer as Tennessee Williams, one-act plays and early drafts are more likely to be curiosities for devotees rather than works of intrinsic theatrical merit. This production by the London Theatre Workshop convincingly disproves that assumption: here are four short ...

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Doctor Faustus – The Rose Playhouse, London

Writer: Christopher Marlowe Director: Martin Parr Reviewer: James Bartholomeusz The Puritans never much liked the theatre; it was licentious, disrupted the social order, and – worst of all – lured churchgoers away to districts rife with gambling, prostitution, drinking and violence. The attempts in the second half of the 16th Century to keep London free from such evils led to ...

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The Cement Garden – The Vault, London

Writer: Ian McEwan, adapted by David Aula and Jimmy Osborne Director: David Aula Reviewer: Ian Foster Under the cement and brick of Waterloo lies The Cement Garden, an interpretation of Ian McEwan’s highly regarded novel which is one of the centrepieces of the six week Vault Festival. Adapted by David Aula and Jimmy Osborne, it tells the disturbing story of ...

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Performance: Choose Your Own Documentary – Soho Theatre, London

Performer/Writer: Nathan Penlington Filmmakers: Fernando Gutiérrez De Jesus, Sam Smaïl, Nick Watson Reviewer: Nichola Daunton How do you review a show with multiple endings, most of which you haven’t seen? Choose Your Own Documentary, winner of the Scotsman First Fringe at last years Edinburgh Festival, initially seems as if it’s going to be about the small obsession of one man, ...

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Burlesque on Ice – Bush Hall, London

Reviewer: Chris Rogers What better venue to host a fresh new twist on Cabaret than the beautiful Bush Hall? It was anything but a frosty reception walking into the ballroom-like setting which had seen its hot dance floor turned into a cool ice rink. Despite the loom of the tube strike, a sizeable crowd of lusty revellers yearning for hot ...

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Project Lolita – The Vaults, London

Writer: Sophie Foster Director: Sophie Foster Reviewer: T.L. Wiswell Of all of the aspects of daily life in the 21st century, it's the use of cell phone and computers to talk to other people that seems to not be registering on the theatrical consciousness. People apparently still talk almost entirely in cafes, homes, and parks; this, however, seems to be ...

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Pole Factor – The Vaults, London

Writer: Nazish Khan Director: Bernie C Byrnes Reviewer: TL Wiswell Reality tv, social media, and Muslim identity: toss all these things in a script and what could go wrong? Pole Factor, a play about a Pakistani-British woman who decides to make it big on reality TV by courting controversy, aims right for the hot topics without ever having much to ...

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Carthage – Finborough Theatre, London

Writer: Chris Thompson Director: Robert Hastie Reviewer: Andy Moseley On the surface, Carthage is about the death of a boy in prison after a failed attempt to restrain him, but the death is also the event that allows for an examination of the system that brought him there, and the attitudes and regulations that underpin it. Chris Thompson explores that ...

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