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Cía Mercedes Ruiz: Déjame que te baile – Sadler’s Wells, London

Choreographer: Mercedes Ruiz Reviewer: T.L. Wiswell Mercedes Ruiz has had over 15 years working as a soloist, and it's no surprise that her latest production, Déjame que te baile (Let me dance for you), takes a stripped down approach focusing on music and dance over the fripperies of a larger flamenco show. This was telegraphed in the opening moments, when she ...

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Tank – The Drum, Plymouth

Made and performed by: Joe Boylan, Craig Hamilton, Ellice Stevens, Victoria Watson Director: Billy Barrett and Ellice Stevens Reviewer: Karen Bussell Talking dolphins, LSD and inter-species sexual relations… you couldn’t make it up – and Breach Theatre hasn’t. Seizing on the strange-but-true fishy tale of Cold War space race NASA-funded research into language, Fringe First Award-winning Tank is a many-layered, ...

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The Girls – Phoenix Theatre, London

Writers: Tim Firth &Gary Barlow Director: Tim Firth Reviewer: Tom Finch It’s been a film, a play and now with Gary Barlow adding a little razzle-dazzle, the true story of a group of women in the Yorkshire hills stripping off to pose in a nude charity calendar, has arrived in the West End as a musical. While the film, written ...

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Boy Stroke Girl – Etcetera Theatre, London

Writer &Director: Ian Dixon Potter Reviewer: Maryam Philpott We live in enlightened times, don’t we? Told we can do anything, be anything, try anything we want to, and find our individuality. But that’s not quite how things really are. Even for the unconventional there are recognisable traits, a look, a way of being that is “acceptable” – if you want ...

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Getting Dressed – Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio, London

Director and Choreographer: Rosie Heafford Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Anyone who had a dressing up box as a child will know the feeling of pleasure to be gained from putting on ridiculously oversized clothes and just mucking about. It’s that feeling of joyous playfulness that is at the heart of Second Hand Dance’s family show. Starting in their underwear, three dancers ...

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Cĩa Eva Yerbabuena: Aparencias – Sadler’s Wells, London

  Choreographer/ Director: Eva Yerbabuena Reviewer: Cavelle Leigh   Against a dimly lit and sparse setting, we are introduced to flamenco in its purest form.  The setting pays homage to Nosforatu; a dark and eerie space mirroring its auditorium. Stillness abounds and we are introduced to a female goddess, resplendent in her sparse surroundings, bald headed and raw. The introduction ...

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A Clockwork Orange – Park Theatre, London

Writer: Anthony Burgess Director:  Alexandra Spencer-Jones Reviewer: Maryam Philpott If you could end violence forever by adjusting someone’s personality, would you? Even if it meant that the criminal lost their own humanity, and would that make you as barbaric as them? These debates were given voice by Anthony Burgess’ controversial 1962 novel, which became the equally controversial 1971 Kubrick film ...

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good dog – Watford Palace Theatre, London

Writer: Arinzé Kene Director: Natalie Ibu Reviewer: Stephen Bates A 13-year-old boy looks out from the balcony of his tower block flat and surveys the community below him, making wry and cutting observations a little like the narrator in Under Milk Wood. He sees wrongdoing but vows that he will, himself, stay on the straight and narrow, hoping that his ...

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