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Ramona Tells Jim – Bush Theatre, London

Writer: Sophie Wu Director: Mel Hillyard Reviewer: Stephen Bates Sophie Wu sets her debut play on the rugged Scottish coastline, where the cold of Summer and the midges bite with equal force. Teenage love blossoms briefly before being washed up on the rocky shore, only to be revisited and reflected upon 15 years later. Wu’s bitter-sweet comedy, getting its World ...

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Fever Pitch: The Opera – Union Chapel, London

Music: Scott Stroman Libretto: Tamsin Collison Director: Bernie C Byrnes Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Sport has always been a fascinating subject for fiction writers inspired by exceptional tales of human endeavour and triumph against the odds. And most sports films or plays, are generally not really about sport at all, but about the personality and drive of the individual. Yet, even ...

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The White Bike – The Space, London

Writer: Tamara von Werthern Director: Lily McLeish Reviewer: Richard Maguire The publicity for The White Bike claims that the show tells an ordinary story, a terrifyingly ordinary story. With an average of 17 cyclists being killed each year on London’s streets, and with 5 already being killed this year, these deaths have, indeed, become tragically ordinary. Tamara von Werthern’s play at The ...

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The Revlon Girl – The Park 90, London

Writer: Neil Anthony Docking Director: Maxine Evans Reviewer: Richard Maguire A play with laughs about the Aberfan disaster of 1966, when 150,000 tonnes of colliery waste collapsed on the Welsh village killing 144 people, including 116 children, may seem an insensitive enterprise, but fortunately, in writer Neil Anthony Docking’s hands, this play successfully navigates tricky waters. The Revlon Girl is a sympathetic ...

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Trouble in Mind – The Print Room at the Coronet, London

Writer: Alice Childress Director: Laurence Boswell Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Theatre is about unity; a group of performers and creatives coming together with an audience to tell stories. But this idea implies there is equality between these groups, which is still far from the case. Alice Childress’ 1955 play Trouble in Mind which transfers from the Theatre Royal in Bath to ...

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Bridges Y Puentes – Stratford Multi-Storey Car Park

Writer: Dorothy Max Prior Director: Marion Duggan Reviewer: Deborah Parry It feels like everyone is talking about migration at the moment. True, the subject has always been a tabloid favourite and a political hot potato but with Brexit negotiations in full swing, things have been brought to the forefront and even those who don't usually enter into these sort of ...

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The Pirates of Penzance – Theatre Royal, Norwich

Writers: Gilbert and Sullivan Director: Cav.Vivian Coates Musical Director: Andrew Nicklin Reviewer: Lu Greer Gilbert and Sullivan's Operas, known for bringing fun and accessibility to a medium which is so often considered distant to many, have produced many an iconic show but perhaps none more so than The Pirates of Penzance. Thanks to his hard of hearing nursemaid, instead of ...

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Gate – Cockpit Theatre, London

Writer: Artemis Fitzalan Howard Director: Sadie Spencer Reviewer: Maryam Philpott Death is that ‘undiscovered country’ as a plentiful supply of Hamlets has informed us this season. But what if death wasn’t so mysterious, in fact it could be rather drab. Artemis Fitzalan Howard’s new comic play Gate, showing at the Cockpit Theatre, considers modern expectations of death and belief in ...

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