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Founded in 2006, Latitude Festival coined the tagline ‘More than a music festival’ and it certainly is. Alongside major names on the music stages, Latitude offers a range of theatre, dance, poetry, comedy and literature over four days in the beautiful Henham Park in Suffolk. Multi-coloured sheep and attendees from 8-80 make this one of the most diverse festivals on the circuit.

LATITUDE 2016: Mulatu Astake

Mulatu Astatke

Venue: The Waterfront Stage Reviewer: Nicole Evans   The last day is now upon us and it's time for Latitude stages of all shapes and sizes to give us everything they've got to make the weekend a memorable one. With bold comedy, theatre galore and the echoes of the music stages to tempt a weary audience away, it is an ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Young Vic – Now We Are Here

Writer: Tamara McFarlane Director: Ian Rickson Venue: Live Art House Reviewer: Andy Moseley   Part of the Young Vic's series of four new works on the pursuit of freedom, written in collaboration with refugees, Now We Are Here is a powerful monologue by Tamara McFarlane telling the story of a young girl's lesbian relationship in Jamaica. The story is McFarlane's ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Gob Squad – Super Night Shot

Gob Squad's Super Night Shot

Devised and Performers: Gob Squad Venue: The Theatre Tent Reviewer: Kris Hallett   Latitude Festival needs a hero. Someone to save the day for the average festival goer, to provide toilet roll for those in need, fight anyone with ill intent and fall in love with a suitable love interest in time for a climactic final kiss. Gob Squad's film ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Action To The Word – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Action To The Word's Midsummer Night's Dream at Latitude

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Alexandra Spencer-Jones Venue: Theatre Tent Reviewer: Kris Hallett   So often the Dream is seen as the perfect family Shakespeare, a jolly few hours of magic, comedy and romantic entanglement in the wood. At the heart though is heat; the blazing sunshine of an Athenian summer and the raging horniness of lovers and fairies, who Shakespeare ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Graham Egg – Anarchist Cook

George Egg

Venue: The Little House Reviewer: Nicole Evans   Graham Egg has one mission... to encourage people to view the world around them differently in the hope of inspiring creativity. How does he intend to embark on this mission? By...erm...cooking food in a hotel room, using only the appliances provided... stay with me. Ok, so there's a little more to it ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Daniel Piper

Daniel Piper

Venue: Poetry Tent Reviewer: Andy Moseley   This 20-minute set starts very well but sadly goes downhill from there. Daniel Piper is billed as a comedy poet and storyteller who walks a tightrope of euphoria and embarrassment. His opening poem, telling the story of the one month he spent as a vegetarian, and how much he came to deeply dislike ...

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LATITUDE 2016: James Acaster

James Acaster

Venue: The Comedy Arena Reviewer: Fergus Morgan   James Acaster can deal with a heckle better than anyone. When a mouthy drunkard started abusing him halfway through his Latitude slot, he clambered off the stage into the audience and chatted with said heckler for a good ten minutes. It was smooth, hilarious, and gloriously winning stuff. And it was indicative ...

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LATITUDE 2016: New English Ballet Theatre – Wundarra, Lonesome Gun and Mad Women

New English Ballet Theatre

Choreographers: Kristen McNally &Daniela Cardim Venue: The Waterfront Stage Reviewer: Nicole Evans It is the turn of the New English Ballet Theatre to take their place on the Sadler's Wells' Waterfront stage at Latitude. Selling themselves on their inclusion and promotion of female choreographers, they present three pieces in an attempt to showcase their talents. The first, Lonesome Gun; a ...

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