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Founded in 2006, Latitude Festival coined the tagline ‘More than a music festival’ and it certainly is. Alongside major names on the music stages, Latitude offers a range of theatre, dance, poetry, comedy and literature over four days in the beautiful Henham Park in Suffolk. Multi-coloured sheep and attendees from 8-80 make this one of the most diverse festivals on the circuit.

LATITUDE 2015: Dracula

Writer: Bram Stoker Artist(s): Action To The Word adaptation: By Company Venue: Theatre Tent Director: Alexandra Spencer-Jones Reviewer: Kris Hallett Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a novel that provides endless inspiration for artists to reinvent. From Christopher Lee’s iconic vampire for Hammer to Ford Francis Coppolla’s version, which recasts the Count as the tragic protagonist, people keep coming back to this ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Friday Evening Woodland Round-up

If you go down to the woods at night you certainly will be surprised. In daylight hours The Faraway Forest is unusual enough, with otherworldly beings, sheds, huts, tents, golden spheres and multi coloured trees but to name a few delights among the theatre stages, but go there after hours and it takes a wonderfully Grimm turn. Nicole Evans intriguingly ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Monotone Man

Artist(s): The Human Zoo Director: FlorenceO'Mahony Devised by: The Company Venue: Pandora's Playground Reviewer: Glen Pearce There's a theme developing in Pandora's Playground at Latitude this year. Full Stop looks at the challenges of being a commuter and, across the field, similar themes are being explored in The Human Zoo's Monotone Man. It's a monotone world that these characters inhabit. ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Joanne

Artist(s): Tanya Moodie for Clean Break Writers: Chino Odimba, Theresa Ikoko, Ursula Rani Sarma, Deborah Bruce, Laura Lomas Director: Roisin McBrinn Venue: The Little House Reviewer: Glen Pearce Mental Health provision is a hot topic at the moment. While the various service providers are placed under the microscope there’s often a forgotten group. Like a stone thrown into the Latitude ...

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LATITUDE 2015: How To Win Against History

Writer/Performer: Seiriol Davies Venue:The Little House Reviewer: Nicole Evans Billed as a 'hilarious, ripped-up musical about expectations, manliness, disappointment and being totally fabulous', How To Win Against History by Seiriol Davies opens the final day of the festival's offerings from The Little House. Telling the tale of the well known and much loved (right?) Henry Syril Pagett, The 5th Marquis ...

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LATITUDE 2015: The Last Leg Live

Artist(s): Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe, Alex Brooker Venue: The Comedy Tent Reviewer: Glen Pearce Often live versions of a TV show hits miss the mark. Trying to recreate a much-loved format in front of a live audience is a challenge. When that live audience is a festival audience the challenge is even greater. The Last Leg,though, is a perfect fit ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Alan Davies

Venue: Comedy Tent Reviewer: Kris Hallett Alan Davies certainly knows how to work up a festival crowd. Lunchtime on the first day and there are already queues stretching outside the sauna-like conditions of the comedy tent all waiting to see the comedian who made his name in Jonathan Creek and then became even more popular through his weekly appearances as ...

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LATITUDE 2015: Game

Artist(s): Unstable King Venue: The Little House Reviewer: Glen Pearce Ever thought life was too surreal to be true? That an unseen force was making you complete a series of tasks for no apparent reason? Then you could actually be a participant, unbeknown to you, in a computer game being guided by some unseen controller. That’s the premise for Unstable ...

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