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The Last Five Years – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Music: Jason Robert Brown Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown Book: Jason Robert Brown Director:Chris Collins Reviewer: Ciara Murphy Presented by Trees Rd. Productions and under the Musical Direction of Danny Forde, The Last Five Years is a solid and musically impressive production. Jamie, played by Robert Bannon, and Kathy, played by Amy O’ Dwyer, present two traversing views of their doomed ...

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A Dangerman & Some Baffling Monster – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Dick Walsh Director: Pan Pan Theatre Reviewer: Ciara Murphy A Dangerman &Some Baffling Monster is a double bill by Dick Walsh presented by Pan Pan Theatre. Focusing the attention back on the audience the two shows provide an intriguing portrayal of social awkwardness and the confines of conventional theatre structure. It is evident from the moment the audience walks ...

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Can’t Forget About You– Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Director: Conleth Hill Writer: David Ireland Reviewer: Kevin McCluskey There is a scene in David Ireland’s play in which Martha, a 49 year old Glaswegian widow, expresses surprise that the people of Belfast are “so normal” in light of the trauma of the Troubles. In bed next to her the 25 year old Stevie, who sparked Martha’s observations by mentioning ...

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Téip Dheireanach Krapp (Krapp’s Last Tape) – The New Theatre, Dublin.

Director: Cathal Quinn Writer: Samuel Beckett Translation: Gabriel Rosenstock Reviewer: Westley Barnes The theatrical work of Samuel Beckett has always brought with it as many difficulties for a cast and production company as it does opportunities. Arguably the Irish Nobel laureate with the least sway in public opinion, but whose work has probably the most profound influence on writers of ...

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The Separation – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Richard Molloy Director: Simon Evans Reviewer: Ciara Murphy Set in Dublin in 1995 The Separation, written by Richard Molloy, is the story of a broken marriage, a broken home and a broken man. Stephen, played by David Murray, and Molly, played by Susan Stanley, stumble into Stephen’s apartment on a rainy summer evening. Having succumbed to temptation at the ...

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The Madman and The Nun – Smock Alley Boys School, Dublin

Writer: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) Directors: Karolina Szemerda and Serina Griffin Reviwer: Ciara Murphy Presented by Enigma TheatreThe Madman and The Nunchallenges the boundaries of reality and sanity by defying conventional theatrical and societal authorities. Sister Anna, played by Niamh Large, and talented, yet deranged, poet Alexander Walpburg, played by Shane Robinson, are resident in a mental institution. Walpburg who ...

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Click – The Viking Theatre at The Sheds, Clontarf, Dublin.

Writer: Michael Collier Director: Caroline Fitzgerald. Reviewer: Cormac O'Brien When Pauly and Jacko, two working-class Dublin men, wander into an overgrown field somewhere in Croatia, laden down with backpacks, fishing rods, and clad in waders and gaiters, the audience quickly realises that Michael Collier’s new play Click is going to be about manly men doing manly men things. That getting ...

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