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History – Theatre Upstairs, Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer/Director: Grace Dyas Reviewer: Monica Insinga History is the perfect play to end the year of the centenary of the Irish Lockout, as it is a call for action. With this play that premiered this week at Project Arts Centre and ends its first run tonight, THEATREclub completes its trilogy about Ireland, that started with Heroin (2010, winner of the ...

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The Risen People – The Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Writer: James Plunkett Adaptor: Jim Sheridan Director: Jimmy Fay Reviewer: Ciara Murphy Merging old and new has become somewhat of a given when it comes to commemorating Dublin’s 1913 Lockout. The Abbey Theatre production of James Plunkett’s The Risen People brings the themes of this event to its audience using the unexpected dimension of song and dance. Naturally more light-hearted ...

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Assassins – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Book: John Weidman Music and Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim Director: Ronan Phelan Reviewer: Alan Foran The idea of bringing together in one space the assassins, and would be assassins, of US Presidents in a musical setting is intriguing, an idea that perhaps only Sondheim would take on. This is exactly the set up here, with a book by John Weidman. It ...

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Souvenir – The Cube at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Bush Moukarzel (after Marcel Proust) Director: Ben Kidd Reviewer: Monica Insinga Award-winning Dead Centre Theatre Company is back with their inaugural production, Souvenir—a critical hit at the 2012 Dublin Fringe Festival—written and performed by company founder Bush Moukarzel. Openly drawing from Marcel Proust’s masterpiece In Search of Lost Time (originally published in French a hundred years ago), this is ...

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Postscript – The Civic Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Noelle Brown and Michele Forbes Director: Conor Hanratty Reviewer: Ciara Murphy Following on from its success at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2013, Postscript, written and performed in part by Noelle Brown, gives its audience a deeper insight into the emotional, difficult and troubling journey that is the search for identity and self. Noelle Brown plays herself, in a story ...

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Foreign Bodies – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Julia Holewinska Translation: Artur Zapalowski Director: Lianne O'Shea Reviewer: Alan Foran [rating: 2.5] Freedom and tolerance are the key themes that sum up Polish Theatre Ireland's production of Foreign Bodies, although what takes centre stage is the concept, or the telling of this story in an experimental way, and trying too hard to do both. Adam is a married ...

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