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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: We Are A Tribe – The Chocolate Factory, Dublin

Creator: I Have a Tribe Reviewer: Sarah Hoover A classic theatre game, Music Machine, involves each part of a group repeating a specific noise (pop, hum, clap, crow, etc), and a leader directing the volume and rhythm of each section. Patrick O Laoghaire’s unique, sampled folk-pop sound as I Have a Tribe is opened up in We Are a Tribe ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Owen Wingrave – O’ Reilly Theatre, Dublin

Composer: Benjamin Britten Director: Tom Creed Conductor: Stephen Barlow Reviewer: Laura Marriott Owen Wingrave, which was composed during the height of the Vietnam War, questions whether pacifism is an act of strength or cowardice. By deciding to step away from a life of war and conflict he is also walking away from everything that his family have stood for; honour ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Polar Night – The New Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Nadine Flynn and Aaron Stapleton Director: Aaron Stapleton Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy Set in an undisclosed town in Northern Europe where the sun ceases to shine in winter, Polar Night explores the impact of darkness on one dysfunctional family. Rose (Myrn Devaney) hasn't seen her mother Helen (Noelle Brown) in ten years. Arriving on her doorstep in the depth of ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Close to the Sun – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Philip Doherty Director: Stephen Darcy Reviewer: Laura Marriott Is it ever possible to outrun your past? The play begins with a story. Three workmen with Irish accents introduce the audience to an old Irish curse. A family have been plagued by alcohol, devotion so deep it turns in on itself, the dark thoughts of jealousy and confusion and the ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: From All Sides – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Lee Coffey Director: Aaron Monaghan Reviewer: David Keane Two couples begin to tell their tales of modern life and love in a fast paced and fun manner. As the couples attend their respective nights out the humour quickly fades when it becomes apparent that these relationships are anything but fun. At least not anymore. From All Sides explores domestic ...

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