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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Newcastlewest – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Dick Walsh Director: Gavin Quinn Reviewer: David Keane Stuck in a rural limbo Marya (Annabel Rickerby), a self-proclaimed “west Limerick handicapped girl”, has been living with her contrary father (Des Nealon) for the last 5 years. Her initial plan was to move home to “save up” but if anything she has less now than ever. A dodgy leg, as ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: The Last Hotel – O’Reilly Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Enda Walsh Director: Enda Walsh Composer: Donnacha Dennehy Conductor: Alan Pierson Reviewer: Liam Harrison The Last Hotel, composed by Donnacha Dennehy and directed by Enda Walsh, is a modern opera which performs a tragedy of banality. Lyrics of the mundane everyday world, about “the coupons to gain access to the internet”, are contrasted with soaring, poetic explorations into beauty, ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Hooked! – Civic Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Gillian Grattan Director: Don Wycherley Reviewer: Rachel Rafferty Set in a sleepy village in rural Ireland, this quirky monologue performance resonates on a number of levels. Hooked! is writer Gillian Grattan’s bittersweet indictment on the petty meanness that is part and parcel of small town Ireland. This is a disturbing and funny study on the ways we hide our ...

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Just Here – Bewley’s Café Theatre @Powerscourt, Dublin

Writer: Eugene O’Brien Director: Charlie Bonner Reviewer: David Keane Award winning playwright and screenwriter Eugene O’ Brien’s latest offering comes in the form of a one man piece, Just Here. This brief tale takes places in the small apartment of a loner named John in the Baggot Street area of Dublin. John (Daniel Reardon) lives alone and likes it that ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: The Night Alive – Gaiety Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Conor McPherson Director: Conor McPherson Reviewer: Rachel Rafferty As the play opens, we witness a strange encounter. In what appears to be a gritty, cluttered living room Tommy the main protagonist, is leading a woman he has just met to the bathroom so she can clean up. This is the beginning of an unusual relationship, the fruit of a ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: I’m Your Man – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Music and Lyrics: Mark Palmer Director: Phillip McMahon Reviewer: Liam Harrison I’m Your Man’s billing claims that it explores “a love that you always felt and never believed possible” and all the fears and inner demons that go along with it. Unfortunately, the show – a mix of theatre and music – does not transcend this tone of superficial gravitas, ...

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