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Writer: David Grieg, after Aeschylus Director: Ramin Gray Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster Any modern update of any Classical text needs something to bridge the gap in time, and make it interesting and vibrant to audiences. The Suppliant Women does this, and more, making it an enchanting opening to the Dublin Theatre Festival. This is the first of a trilogy, the latter ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: How To Be Angry – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Camille Lucy Ross Director: Anna Sheils-McNamee Reviewer: David Keane Anger is omnipresent in various forms. The inane conversation you can’t have anymore. The uninvited attention at a bar. The social problems that never seem to get resolved. The person sitting next to you in the theatre. Then what? Shout, scream, and punch? Or swallow it down and pretend that ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Efficacy 84 – Smock Alley, Dublin

Director: Luke Casserly Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy According to the programme note for Efficacy 84: “The Kerry Babies case is a story that cannot be told.” This is unfortunately the case for this production although perhaps this statement to the audience was intended to inspire more positive and abstract considerations. The young cast (consisting of Rua Barron, Alexandra Conlon, Simon ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: The Woods and Grandma – Smock Alley, Dublin

Composer: Cal Folger Day Director: Kristina Yee Reviewer: Tricia O’Beirne Why did this turn out so weird? So asks one of Cal Folger Day’s fellow performers of Folger Day, and indeed this is a curious work. Folger Day addresses the ‘weirdness’ of her ‘verbatim pop-operetta’ by setting aside moments throughout the piece to step out of character and explain to ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Papini – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writer: Colm Gleeson Reviewer: Clara Mallon Felicity’s Papini comes to Smock Alley theatre as part of this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. The piece marks the newly formed theatre collective’s debut within the festival and also their first show since the birth of the company. The claustrophobic atmosphere of Smock Alley’s Black Box theatre sets the tone for the contemporary examination ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Spliced – St. Michan’s Park, Dublin

Writer: Timmy Creed Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster Although Spliced largely focuses on Timmy Creed’s relationship with his local GAA club, and specifically hurling, the fact that it is set in a handball alley is arguably the most important element of this show. This allows Creed to constantly puck around a sliotar, animating his speech with direct, hard action. He is rarely ...

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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: The Friday Night Effect – Smock Alley, Dublin

Writters: Eva O’Connor and Hildegard Ryan Reviewer: Sarah Hoover It is always a challenge to introduce alternate methods of storytelling to audiences more familiar with straightforward narrative. While The Friday Night Effect does so with a simple mechanism, it promises more agency in its audience interaction than it actually delivers. From the beginning, instructions to the audience are contradictory. “By ...

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