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Edinburgh Fringe: Rhys Darby This Way to Spaceship – Pleasance Grand

Writer: Rhys Darby Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:5] Based on his "autobiographical space novel" This Way to Spaceship is Rhys Darby's return to the Fringe after a three year sabbatical. Waking up in the belly of a spaceship surrounded by robots, Darby endeavours to find out how he got here and in the process of this hour long show we are ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Eat Sh*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World – C Nova

Writer: Shawn Shafner Director: Shawn Shafner Reviewer: Charles Tyrer [Rating:4/5] We are living beyond our means. Forget the financial ‘crisis.’ This is far more severe. To the benefit of our planet ethical consumption is becoming increasingly popular; consumers are seeing things on a broader scale and developing a global conscience. However, our destiny when we run out of fossil fuels ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Don Juan – C eca

Writer: Beth Eustace Director: Beth Eustace Choreographer: Hayley Thompson Reviewer: Val Baskott [rating:4] Jackinabox Productions bring flair and vitality to their version of Moliere’s take on Don Juan, the notorious seducer and destroyer of women. The Devil (Luke de Belder) judges Don Juan (John Askew) to be a fool and so pricks the arrogant, self-assured Don into a contest that ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Morelight – C Venues

Writer: Bryony Lavery Director: Laura Vorwerg Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3] Bryony Lavery’s Morelight has become a firm fringe favourite over the past decade, not only thanks to Lavery’s lyrical prose and beautifully constructed characters but also because it boasts a large mainly female cast. However director Laura Vorwerg has stripped the play back and reduced the cast size presumably to ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Monkey Bars – Traverse Theatre

Writer/Director: Chris Goode Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3] “Out of the mouths of babes (oft times come gems)” and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth in the latest production from Chris Goode at the Traverse Theatre. Goode’s latest production uses dialogue from conversations between children and Karl James and uses them verbatim to create an interesting and touching 75 ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Grit – Bedlam Theatre

Director: Ross MacKay Music: Jim Harbourne Reviewer: Charles Tyrer [Rating:4] War dominates the headlines; we are frequently reminded of it. Tragically there is nobody alive in Britain who can say they haven’t lived through one. As war becomes a normal state for our country to be in, we are fortunate enough to seldom feel its direct consequences. Is the cumulative ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Dream Plays (Scenes from a Play I’ll Never Write) – Traverse Theatre

Writer: Sue Glover Director: Orla O’Loughlin Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] With a different playwright showcasing scenes from an unwritten play each day of its run, Dream Plays is a very interesting concept. Essentially a rehearsed reading, we were treated to excerpts from Sue Glover’s play Catterline, which is based on the life of British painter Joan ‘Jock’ Eardley. Showing a ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Razing Eddie – Underbelly

Writer: Philip Stokes Director: Philip Stokes Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:2.5] Fringe favourites Horizon Arts are back with this new play, Razing Eddie, written and directed by company Artistic Director Philip Stokes. Bad lad Eddie is out of prison after four years and swears he is a changed man, but despite this claim immediately seeks out ex-girlfriend Shauna who is doing ...

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