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Edinburgh Fringe: Continuous Growth – Pleasance Dome

Writer: Esa Leskinen &Sami Keski-Vahala Adaptation: Catherine Grosvenor Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] On entering the theatre the audience are met by cheerful flight attendants who suggest the best seats to sit in and chat chirpily to them while they wait. Announcing they are ready for take off, the performance begins and we are whisked away to the world of Andy ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Mayday Mayday – Pleasance Dome

Writer: Tristan Sturrock Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:3.5] On May Day in 2004, Kneehigh Theatre’s Tristan Sturrock broke his neck falling three meters from a wall in the town of Padstow in Cornwall. Wedged in a small gap, Sturrock could have remained there indefinitely had his pregnant girlfriend and helped by a neighbour – a former paramedic - not found him ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Coalition – Pleasance Dome

Writer: Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] It has been a long time since UK politics yielded a character interesting enough to father a truly biting political satire. That is not to say that during the years of Tory and Labour rule there were not a raft of odious, double-dealing players – far from it - but ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Bat Boy – C Venues

Writers: Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming Music and Lyrics: Lawrence O’Keefe Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:3.5] Durham University Light Opera Group return to Edinburgh after last year's Hot Mikado with "mocky-horror extravaganza" - Bat Boy. Writers Brian Flemming and Keythe Farley took as their inspiration a salacious Weekly World News headline and created this tale of small town prejudice and the ...

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Edinburgh Fringe – Bridget Christie : War Donkey – Assembly Rooms

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [Rating:4] Bridget Christie is a bit of a staple at the Edinburgh Fringe. Her surreal, bonkers shows may not have the masses clamouring to see her, but she draws consistent, appreciative audiences. And more importantly, she seems to be having a whale of a time performing. This year’s show is based around attitudes towards women in comedy, ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Max and Ivan Are… Con Artists – Pleasance Courtyard

Director: Jessica Ransom Reviewer: Tracey Lowe [Rating:4.5] Last year, Max and Ivan arranged one of the most talked about shows at the Fringe; The Wrestling. This one-off event pitted comedians against real-life wrestlers, and the duo picked up a Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award for their innovative idea. This year they have come up with an equally brilliant concept, a sketch ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Mark Thomas: Bravo Figaro! – Traverse Theatre

Director: Hamish Pirie Reviewer: Val Baskott [rating:4/5] Bravo Figaro!or,How to Put on an Opera in a Bungalow in Bournemouth, Mark Thomas’ new one-man show, is an odyssey around his relationship with his father but it is not self–indulgent or maudlin. Aficionados of the left wing activist’s stand -up acerbic political humour won’t be disappointed as he tells the story of ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: A Clockwork Orange – Pleasance Courtyard

Writer: Anthony Burgess   Director: Alexandra Spencer-Jones Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:5/5] Returning to Edinburgh after its 2011 season, Alexandra Spencer-Jones’ all-male production of A Clockwork Orange is a definite must see. Always a popular production, perhaps due to the notoriety of both the original novel and the controversial film, the stage version of the piece has had many incarnations. In ...

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