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Edinburgh Fringe : The last Five Years – Sweet Grassmarket

Writer: Jason Robert Brown Director : Michael Richardson Reviewer: Jonathan Grant [rating:4] The Space at Niddry Street was almost full for the last night of Green Room’s debut production of Jason Robert Brown’s unconventional tale of a doomed love. Detailing a five year relationship from two perspectives and points in time, Cathy (Sarah Haddath) opens the show looking back at ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: George Ryegold’s God-In-A-Bag – Underbelly

Writer: Toby Williams Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:3.5] Toby Williams' dark creation, the highly distasteful George Ryegold, returns to the Fringe in God in a Bag, this time with an expanded cast including: Red Dwarf's Hattie Hayridge, Fresh Meat's Dan Mersh and fellow comedians Lindsay Sharman and Milo McCabe. The self-obsessed, penny-pinching, fabulously under-achieving doctor has been suspended yet again and ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Be Fruitful and Multiply – C Venues

Writer: Adam Farrell, Martin McDowell and Rose Wardlaw Music and Lyrics: Harry Zundel, Ollie Feather and Ronan Shiels Director: Owen Petty Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:3] Be Fruitful and Multiply is billed as a light-hearted take on the story of creation and suggests that God and the Devil might not be the universe's opposing forces but merely highly incompatible business partners. ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Dracula Sex Sucking and Stardom-Paradise in the Vault

Writer: Sam Dunham, Jack Faires Director: Simon Egerton Reviewer: Lindsay Sykes [rating:5] There is so much waste at the Edinburgh Fringe, wasted talent, wasted time and wasted paper. To not see Dracula Sex Sucking and Stardom would be the waste of a golden opportunity. The show is laugh out loud funny, with the proud boast that if you don’t laugh ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: Breathing Corpses – Zoo

Writer: Laura Wade Director: Daisy Rodger &Flora Marston Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:3.5] Exeter University Theatre Company’s ambitious production of Laura Wade’s 2005 play, Breathing Corpses is simply and effectively staged and well acted throughout. Essentially constructed from a series of scenes that overlap and link through in a cycle, the play looks at the realities and effects of death on ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: The Static – Underbelly

Writer: Davey Anderson Choreographer: Neil Bettles Director: Neil Bettles Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:5] Dramatic, dynamic and suspenseful to the last, Davey Anderson’s The Static is a darkly comic coming of age play with more than a few twists and turns. Centred round 15-year-old Sparky, the play addresses his behavioural issues from an inability to sit still to supposed ADHD to ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: – The Economist – C Nova

Writer: Tobias Manderson - Galvin Director: Van Badham Reviewer: Charles Tyrer [rating:5] The hatred of people of a certain race and creed can often be at the core of violence. After witnessing and learning about the onslaught of millions due to stereotyping and tarnishing groups within society, one would hope the humanitarian within us all would prevail and we could ...

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Edinburgh Fringe: And The Girls In Their Sunday Dresses – Assembly Hall

Writer: Zakes Mda Director: Princess Mhlongo Reviewer: Stephanie Walls [Rating:4] In And the Girls in Their Sunday Dresses, two women, (Hlengiwe Lushabaand Lesego Motsepe) find themselves waiting together in a queue. They’re not sure how long they are going to be waiting for and indeed, it no longer seems clear just how long they have already been waiting. But they ...

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