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That is All You Need to Know – Zoo Southside, Edinburgh

Director: Paul Slater Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands [Rating:3.5] The shameful treatment of the recently pardoned Alan Turing is well known; mathematical genius and breaker of the enigma code, he committed suicide after being convicted for his homosexuality. Turing's story is tragic, but That Is All You Need To Know is keen to tell the story of all of the people who ...

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Breaking News – Summerhall, Edinburgh

Director: Sarah Marti Music and Soundscape: Soley Stefansdottir Co-director and dramaturg: Raul Fuertes Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands [Rating:2.5] Iceland has a reputation for producing art that is a little whimsical in nature, not to everyone’s tastes, but this reviewer is a big fan of Icelandic design, music, people and the accent. Not that there were any accents in Breaking News, created ...

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I’m With the Band – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Tim Price Director: Hamish Pirie Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:4] On the outside it may look like a play about four ageing Indie Pop/Rock stars, who have to deal with an unwanted breakup from within the group, but if you look a little deeper, Tim Price’s punchy play is an allegory for the current political movement of Scotland gaining its ...

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Adam Buxton: Kernel Panic – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer &Performer: Adam Buxton Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands [Rating:4] Adam Buxton is very popular. This might be because he is a face (or voice mostly) that we all know. With a career spanning 15 years, either performing with his company partner Joe Cornish or on various radio shows, television and film, his impishly bearded face or equally impish voice will probably ...

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Nirbhaya – Assembly Hall, Edinburgh

Writer &Director: Yael Farber Reviewer: Hannah Rowlands [Rating:4.5] Rape threats have been noticeably present in Western press recently. Many female journalists are speaking out about the extent to which online rape threats have become commonplace, as twitter exposes the reaction to equality's gains. Yet for women on the other side of the globe, inequality and sexual threat is more tangible, ...

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The Events – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: David Grieg Director: Ramin Gray Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3.5] David Grieg has never shied away from creating debate or writing theatre that is unconventional in its delivery, and The Events is no different. The Events explores how a female priest and choir mistress deals with the aftermath of a mass shooting during one of her rehearsals, we watch as ...

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An Actor’s Lament – Assembly Hall

Writer: Steven Berkoff Reviewer: Lauren Humphreys [Rating:3] This insight into life on the other side of the theatre curtain comes to Edinburgh for its world premier from the pen of a man once regarded as the enfant terrible of British Theatre - Steven Berkoff. This three-hander, written in verse, laments just about every aspect of an actor's life: critics deemed ...

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Quietly – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: Owen McCafferty Director: Jimmy Fay Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:4.5] Two men come face to face in a Belfast pub, the meeting is tense, the men have never met before, but the actions of one, changed both of their lives forever. This critically acclaimed production from the Abbey Theatre in Dublin packs a powerful punch, full of intensity. The performances ...

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