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We Are Ian – Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Kate Harvey Leave your reservations at the door and indulge in a bit of mindless escapism, We Are Ian leaves room only for a euphoric acid house danceathon that will make Margaret Thatcher turn in her grave. It begins with three young women. They are dressed in white overalls, hair knotted on top of their heads. It appears they ...

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Nick Hall: Szgrabble – T-Bar, Edinburgh

Reviewer: R G Balgray Imagine a Bond movie as a one-man show through the medium of slapstick mime, and you’re halfway towards Nick Hall’s show at T-Bar in the Cowgate. Add a more-than-ridiculous cod Cold War narrative channelling the famous Chess Wars through Scrabble. Then season with the “Stationery” chapter of office jokes of the past, and the recipe is ...

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Lucy Porter: Consequences – The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Reviewer: R G Balgray Grounded. That’s what Lucy Porter is. Within the first ten minutes of her show Consequences, at the Pleasance Courtyard, she’s effortlessly established her audience participation (with a hostess trolley – a nice touch) and marked out her personal territory: London suburban – Pinner – and “middle middle” class. From thereon in, she leads her packed and ...

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Private Manning Goes to Washington – theSpace on Niddry Street, Edinburgh

Matt Steiner E James Ford Private Manning Goes to Washington Josef Church-Woods

Writer &Director: Stan Richardson Reviewer: David Doyle The case of Chelsea Manning is one that has inspired much debate. It is these views about Manning’s role as either a traitor or a whistleblower that is explored in Stan Richardson’s Private Manning Goes To Washington. It’s a complex piece, which seeks to explore both the creation of a theatre piece as ...

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Michelle McManus: Pop Goes the Idol – The Stand in the Square, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Matt Farnham Michelle McManus can undoubtedly sing, after all, she won Pop Idol back in 2003, which she kindly reminds the audience was by a landslide and with over 8.2 million votes. In her third show at the Edinburgh Fringe, she returns to the tried and tested formula of storytelling mixed with some well‐chosen songs. The show starts with ...

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Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl – Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Matt Farnham Maddy Anholt: Rent Girl,the follow-up show to 2015’s Diary of a Dating Addict,brings us back to Anholt’s arrival in the bright lights of London at the tender age of 17. From the moment she enters the stage she brings the brash confidence of the typical London party girl replete with dazzling gold shoes. Anholt then sets about ...

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Zoe Lyons: Little Misfit – Gilded Balloon Teviot, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Matt Farnham Little Misfit is the latest show in Zoe Lyons comedy arsenal and in it Lyons brings her energetic and frenetic style to the current blissful place she has reached in life. Now content with where she is and how life is treating her, Lyons sets about bringing her everyday thoughts and musings to the audience in a ...

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