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Pygmalion – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Writer: George Bernard Shaw Director: Sam Pritchard Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight Pygmalion must be one of Bernard Shaw’s most popular plays. First produced in 1913, it tells the story of professor of linguistics, Henry Higgins and his tutelage of streetwise flower-girl, Eliza. Headlong Theatre has taken Shaw’s text and transplanted it into a world of technology as they ask if class ...

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The Winter’s Tale – Oxford Playhouse

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Declan Donnellan Reviewer: Katy Roberts Cheek by Jowl’s viscerally-charged interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s strangest romances has been rewritten as the diary of a madman. Make no mistake: here, King Leontes (Orlando James) ruler of Sicilia, is presented as a bona fide psychopath, maddened by the unfounded suspicion that his wife, Hermione (Natalie Radmall-Quirke), is having an ...

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Sister Act – Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

Alexandra Burke and Jon Robyns in Sister Act 2016 UK tour

Music: Alan Menken Lyrics: Glenn Slater Book: Cheri & Bill Steinkellner Director: Craig Revel Horwood Reviewer: Clare White There is much to rejoice about in Sister Act. The musical stage adaptation of the popular 90s film starring Whoopi Goldberg is full of energy and fun - featuring an original score by Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken, starring vocal powerhouse Alexandra Burke and including trombone-playing ...

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Round the Horne – Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Writers: Barry Took and Marty Feldman, adapted by Tim Astley Director: Tim Astley Reviewer:  Scott Matthewman Round the Horne remains a milestone in radio comedy history. The 1960s sketch series fronted by Kenneth Horne was, on the face of it, merely a rebadged version of its predecessor, Beyond our Ken, which ran for six years. But the name change came about when ...

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Brit Floyd: The Immersion Tour – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight There can be few who aren’t at least aware of Pink Floyd – pioneers of progressive and psychedelic music, they sought perfection in all they did including performing live. This aspiration led to the replacement of their original creative force, Syd Barrett, who became unreliable because of mental health issues, with David Gilmour. The pursuit of perfection ...

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Closer – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Patrick Marber Director: Adam Lacey Reviewer:  John Kennedy Are truth and honesty the antidote to the disease of love’s mutual self-deception or does it just poison it more? This is a provocative and accomplished adaptation of Marber’s award-winning play. A spiral of spiritual and sexual politics where perfidy and infidelity appear to be the only policies our disparate, often ...

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Richard Herring: The Best – The Old Rep, Birmingham

Reviewer:  George Attwell Gerhards Nobody likes the last episode in the series of Mock the Week. It is almost always a tawdry mix of highlights from previous episodes, best-of segments and ‘previously unseen’ (normally for a reason) material. Richard Herring’s current stand-up tour, The Best, is a long-form live version of this formula. Over the past fifteen years Herring has ...

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